Shutting a door...opening?

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To Whom It May Concern:

I will be removing a door and replacing it with a wall. What is this task called? What steps do I need to take in filling in the wall? Removing the door and frame? Put up an inner wall made from lumber? Add some insulation and seal with dry wall and plaster? Any information would be greatly appreciated!


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It is called "framing". Tools needed are, a tape measure, a four foot level, cicular saw, a speed square,a hammer, a pencil and some time. When removing the door to close in as a wall, first check the location of the exsisting studs within the wall. Studs are 16 inches on center. Some people can locate a stud by tapping lightly with their knuckles noticing the more solid sound that is made when the stud is located, but I recommend a cheap stud finder sold at your locale hardware store. Once located, using a tape measure, pull your numbers from left to right, and mark with a pencil on the floor every 16 inches within the opening of the door-way. This is called "layout". You will have to purchase approx. six 2x4 studs at 93 inches. Remove the door at the hinges. Have someone help hold the door while this is being done. With door removed, including trim and casing, take a measurement of the bottem of the opening. Cut that measurement out of one of the studs purchased. Place that in the bottem of the opening. This is called a "bottem Plate". Now transfer the marks you made on the floor of sixteen inches to the bottem plate. Measure from on top of "bottem plate" to the header. Cut that number from a stud purchased and place it next to the exsisting jack stud. This will be your "nailer" so that you will be able to close it all in with drywall on the inside and plywood on the outside. Do this on both sides of the opening. Use 12d commen framing nails. The number you pulled should be the same through out the opening of the door. But it never hurts to double check. Place the stud on the mark you transfered on the "bottem plate" and using a level, make the stud plumb to the header, "plumb" meaning perfect up and down. Once you have done this on all your marks of the "bottem plate", plywood the outside, use R-13 insulation between the new studs, close up the inside opening and have a cup of coffee. You are done for the moment. You will have to match your siding next, but at least you are closed in. Remember to use "Tyvek" or "Typar" wrap on the outside to help weather you in properly. Have fun and good luck!

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