Sliding Door Rollers


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Sliding Door Rollers

My patio has 3 large sliding glass doors 4ft x 8ft each. The only marking I can find other than various certificates is "PA9 Door". My problem is that the doors are becomming increasingly difficult to slide, and make noise as they roll. There is a metal track at the bottom of the doors only. I have lubricated the track and and sprayed lubricant (lithium/teflon) into what appear to be small access holes at the top and bottom.

The weight of the doors precludes me attempting to remove them to look at the rollers. Any advice?


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Get a helper.............

First, spraying anykind of lubricant is the wrong thing to do. A smooth operating door moves along on a wheel assembly with sealed bearings. Lubricant on the track will collect dirt which will further hinder the doors operation. The access holes you are reffereing to are adjustment slots. Insert a phillips screwsriver and try to adjust the assembly to raise the door which may be the fix if the door is rubbing on the track. Otherwise you'll need to find a helper to remove the partition (lift up and swing the bottom out) to gain access to the wheels. You may need to remove the bottom frame member of the door for wheel removal. Some hardware stores and home centers carry a limited stock of ready to install wheels assemblies a glass company should have a catalogue of most wheel assemblies. Find a glass company with a CRL Big Red Catalogue which is from one of the largest parts Supplier in NA for replacement items. You would probably find more easily just a replacement wheel if the assembly is in good shape. Lastly check the condition of the track and install a stainless cover on it if it is in rough shape.
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Thanks, Stephen!

I try adjusting the rollers.

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Tom, adjusting is a good place to start, and I hope it cures your problem. It might; but the odds are not in your favor. From what you descibed, the rollers are probably shot and will need to be replaced.

Like Stephen said, get help, remove the vents (sliding sections) one at a time, get one of the old rollers out and take it to a local glass shop (well, that's KINDA what he said!). They should be able to get you replacment rollers that will pop right back in and cure the problem for another 10 to 15 years.

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