We need to weather proof!

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We need to weather proof!

I swear, we go through more heat...

If you turn the heat down the house cools down quickly! It is really hard to maintain a certain temp...

What are some simple weather proofing I can try on the doors and especially the windows (the front window sucks the heat out. As long as the blinds are closed it's ok in that area)?

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Wow....Alaska .....you turn down the heat and it gets cold....imagine that

OK, kidding aside...send us some details about how your igloo is made ( oops.....there I go again )

Like what type house you have, how the windows are made, what type heat you have and all.....

You also might want to post over in energy/weatherstriping forum where people in that area would see it.

If you'll pay my ticket, I'll come give you a FREE consult !! I've always wanted to see Alaska.


in sunny, 55 degree Tennessee on this Feb 15th
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Thanks Andy!

I have NO clue what is what. My parents bought this place and I dont know if they know *lol*

Rachel in Alaska
it's 40 this morning

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