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Question Replacing windows

I am replacing all of my old windows (30"x 67") with new constuction windows (28"x 57"). I am going to reframe the openings. The new windows have a 3/4" channel for the siding. Which I am replacing down the road. Right now I have aluminum siding over wood clap. I will be taking off the alum. and insulating with 1/2" styrofoam. My main question is: When I install the new windows should I space the window out 1/2" past the wood clap, to allow for the Styrofoam? My insticts would tell me yes, but I would like some conformation.

I would like to take a minute to say that this is a great site.

Thanks in advance!
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New construction windows have a nail fin all the way around them. They are nailed directly to the framing of the wall. The siding is then butted to the frame of the window, covering the nail fin. Do it any other way, and you run the risk of leaks.
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I had to read his question a couple of times, but I THINK what he is asking is :

Since he is going to remove the aluminum siding and install 1/2" foam bd over the old wood clapboard as a base for new vinyl siding.......should he go ahead and position the windows out that 1/2" so they will lined up for the new siding ?

and my answer would be ...YES...., because if you don't, the vinyl can't go in the built-in J channel around the new windows.

To shim them out, use a strip of 1/2 plywood so you have a good nail base for the nailing fin on the windows.....

And as Lefty pointed out, you have a good potential for leaks until you get the new siding installed.
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C Lewis
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TN...Andy, your on the right track with my Question. With this in mind, let me run this by you. Clapboard has a thickness of about 1" (just estimating) from the window frame. Add the 1/2" for the blue foam and that would give a total of about 1 1/2". Can I shim out from the frame the 1" and put in a piece of blue foam under nailing fin? Someone told me I was going to have to build jamb extensions, is this the same as shimming out the frame?

I am going to try to seal out any weather as best I can. I will be residing the house by this time next year at the latest.

Also, do I want to nail the new windows or screw them. What size is best.
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Sounds like that ought to work.

Jamb extentions will be in the inside....since you are moving the windows outward, you will need to make an extention inside from the window to the face plane of the inside wall, then run your casing on that extension. THe new window you are using is probably about 3 1/4" or so deep and from the window to the inside plane of the wall is another1 1/2" or so, depending on what studs you have in the wall and how far you go out with the window.

FOr a temp situation in weatherproofing, bend a pc of sheet metal over the top of you window and under the existing aluminum siding to form a drip cap. This will help keep water from getting behind your new windows.

Screws or nails, your choice, but use galvanized in either case.

Remember, like the Andersen nailing fins say "Plumb, level, shim"
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C Lewis
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Thanks Andy.

Looks like I may be residing the house sooner than I thought. The Boss (wife) says to go price everything to reside the house while I'm doing the windows.

Back to the windows, I read on a different site that you don't want to nail the windows tight. Nail them like you do siding. This isn't correct is it?

C Lewis
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I nail 'em tight..not like siding.

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