'Hollow' front door


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'Hollow' front door

Hi, I bought a brass door knocker this weekend for my new townhouse. It affixes to the door with 3 brass screws, no problem - except when I tried to install it on the door I found out my front door is hollow! The door it made of wood but seems to have no solid center. Can any one suggest how I can install the knocker without it coming off each time someone uses it? Many thanks!
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You know how easy those screws went in and hit nothing ?? The bad guys out there will have just as easy a time kicking a hole in the door to let themselves in .....I HATE hollow core doors for entry doors......flimsy, they delaminate...you ought to consider getting a real door.....but that's a whole nuther issue, huh?

You could look for some toggle bolts, might find some with brass screws....they have a "flippy" pc that goes in a hollow wall ( or door in this case ) and flips open to form a decent backup on the inside...

You could get some epoxy glue and cement the knocker in place....

but neither of those is going to solve the fact you're mounting it on some fairly thin plywood on the door face.
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Thanks for replying so fast! Yeah, I wish I could replace the door but I just purchased the townhouse and its in a condominium like complex, you know, rows and rows of the same houses! Thanks for your advise though, I think I'm going to try the epoxy way. I was so disapointed this weekend when the knocker kept coming off! I guess I'm getting aquainted with the joys of home ownership :-)
Best regards
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Ahh...the JOYS of home ownership !! and it's only just begun
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Hi, You may want to consider getting a pretty piece of wood about 5x5, epoxy that to the door then mount the knocker to it.
Good Luck Woodbutcher

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