NEW or Replacement

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NEW or Replacement

Plan on getting new windows and can't decide whether to use replacment windows or new windows (frame et al). Have aluminum siding on the oustide which I plan to replace when I am done with the windows. I like the idea of new windows as the current ones have wood exterior trim that needs to be painted, of course I could clad the trim when I do the siding but I don't view that as ideal. Is the cost much more, worth it? I will do the labor and think I can do a replacement window in about 1-2 hours. how long will a new window take? thanks
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The main advantage of replacements is not disturbing the inside trim. If you don't mind recasing the inside, AND you can find new windows to fit the existing rough opening that your old windows are sitting in, ( OR you don't have to modify the rough opening TOO much ) then since you're replacing siding too, it's probably better to go with new windows.

You can seal them better, you get rid of the old exterior trim, etc......I'd go wood with a vinyl or aluminum clad built onto the outside and get the best of both worlds.

Time difference shouldn't be much, if any, if you figure a replacement will take you 1-2 hours each......pop the inside trim off, 5 minutes......pop the brickmould off the outside, 10 min......knock the whole window frame and all out, 5 minutes.....
Make any modifications to the hole you need to or remove siding if you need to....time unknown...... Install tar paper or rubber sealing sheet around rough opening, 5 min.......stick new window in hole, plumb, level, shim 15 min....( gosh....get the ones with the nailing flanges, huh ).......install extension jambs if needed inside and recase.....maybe 1/2 hr per window. The fact you're going to reside anyway makes this much more doable........because you CAN spend a lot of time fitting a new window to old siding.

I average 30-40 minutes a window on replacements including wrapping the outside trim by comparision, so a new install "I" would allow at LEAST twice as long, especially depending on how I had to deal with the exterior...that's WHY if you're hiring window work done, replacements are the more cost effective way to save a considerable amount on labor and materials not disturbed.......but the BEST way is do the whole window, in my opinion.

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