Threshold Replacement


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Threshold Replacement

I am selling my house and have been asked to remove the aluminum threshold on my back door. I removed the trim off the back of the threshold thinking I could then slide it toward me to remove it. No such luck. I read in a few prior messages about removing screws but everywhere I look, I don't see any screws. Any help would be appreciated.
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The threshold is often an intergal part of the pre-hung door frame and the screws go in from the bottom before the frame w/door was installed. You very probably CAN'T get at them without taking the whole door frame back out.

WHY do they want it removed ?? What is going to replace it ??
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They think it looks grungy want a new threshold installed. I offered to clean it but they want it replaced.
So you are saying the entire door needs replaced to get to the screws? I'm not sure I want to take a chance of screwing up the door.
Any other suggestions?
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Personally, I'd tell 'em they're buying a used house and once they buy it, THEY can do any dang thing THEY want.
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I completely agree with Andy.
Just clean up the aluminum threshold nice and shiny with steel wool. If it has a rubber dome in a track that looks worn, just replace that. It snaps into grooves.
If they want to change it, let THEM change it.
If they're that picky, they will likely drive you nuts with other unreasonable requests before they ever close on the house (if ever).
(A voice of long experience at dealing with some home buyers..LOL)
Good luck!
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Mike is right on......I used to build spec houses ( I'm over that and feeling much better now, thank you) and EVERY time I got a buyer that walked in and started nit picking things, they turned out to be a nightmare. Best policy is to show them the door and not let it hit them in the backside on their way out of it.

I asked a guy to leave my house one day and he got IRATE that I wouldn't deal with him on the house. This was in a new subdivision that I lived across the street from......I told him that anybody that bought this house was going to be my neighbor, and I sure as H@!! wasn't selling it to someone I couldn't stand from the git go.

The guy that did buy it and I have turned out to be friends for 25 years even though both of us have sold those homes and don't live near each other anymore.
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i had that too

I may have the same thing... my screws were under the rubber dome part, I think?

I took my threshold to HD to try to buy a new one, and another (obviously very handy) customer told me that I was nuts & there was nothing wrong with it. Told me to clean it, replace the rubber, and put it back in, just like these folks.

I scrubbed mine with Bon Ami, put in a new rubber dohick, and it looks great.

If you MUST replace it, make sure you take it out and take it to the store with you, or you definitely will end up with the wrong thing. Mine had two notches cut out to fit the door... do you really want to go to all of that trouble?

Advice from another amateur!

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