Brick Molding

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Brick Molding

Hello...I am installing a window in a brick wall. I have the rough opening on the interior, and I've opened the brick to the right dimensions to allow for the brick molding.

My house has brick veneer over the original wood sheathing. There is approximately a 1.5 inch gap between the sheathing and the brick (I'm assuming for proper ventilation). But that's my problem. The brick molding is only one inch wide. So if I place the window in the opening, the brick molding doesn't even come flush with the brick (there is still a .5 inch gap between the molding and the brick).

This obviously leaves my whole brick wall open. Has anyone ever experienced this problem? Should I perhaps not have gone with the brick molding? Luckily, I can take the window back (standard size)....
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Standard brickmould is thicker than 1"....and is normal already attached to the don't say, but I'll assume yours is attached to the window..

All you have to do is place some 1/2 or 3/4" thick wood or plywood strips on top the exterior sheathing to shim the window out to the plane you need to match on the brick. That will then require you to make an extention jamb strip on the inside from the window to the finish wall plane, which is done all the time on walls of thicker dimensions than standard 2x4 walls.

The gap in behind your brick is a bit more than standard, which is usually 3/4 to 1"......this space does a couple, it allows the mason a place to put his fingers on the brick as he lays's hard to lay a brick wall up tight against something...
and two, often a wood wall is not plumb, or has a bow in it, and that space allows the mason to keep the outside face of the brick wall plumb and hide the imperfections in the wood wall. Your wall MAY have a problem above or below that the mason had to hold the brick out to compensate for, and you're seeing the worst point of that compensation.....or it could just have been a screwup

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