2 rooms REAL HOT, 1 room cold!!!`


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2 rooms REAL HOT, 1 room cold!!!`

Luckily, my basement is not finished and i can get at all the heating ducks.
I have a single heater in the middle of my basement. It has a main square trunk that goes down the middle of my basement in both directions.

At the end of both trunks, we have a flex duct that goes upstairs into a vent. The air flow is incredible through there. TOO incredible. IT is so hot that we have to keep the doors open to those rooms.

The master bedroom is being heated by a duct that is attached halfway down the trunk and goes to the left. I have never looked inside it, or taken it apart, but airflow seems almost nonexistent. It is very cool in our room while the two other rooms, which are fed by the very end of the trunk, are TOO hot.

Is there something kind of air 'hook' or catcher' that we can put in the trunk that will catch the airflow and guide it through to the master bedroom? It seems that would be a good way to do it, however, would it put strain on the heater fan?

Also, on this pipe that goes to the master bedroom, there is a 90 degree turn to the left, then back to the right, that is about 2 feet long. I am sure that causes a problem as well.

I need to add another duct to the left for my new artroom downstairs. Any suggestions?
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First have you tried to just close the registers that are to hot just some ? You could put dampers in the pipe there right by the takeoff in the duct for the hot rooms. Then you could put what we call a robber in the duct just pass that take off to the cold room. Like you said hook just about 1" down in the trunk line is all.For that new room just cut a takeoff in the duct run a 6" round pipe to a register boot 6"X 2 1/4 X12" . In that run the has 2 -90 o L in it . Could you work it out so it was 2- 45o L in that 2 ft.ED
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Ditto... Another remedy takes a little work but not much. Where the takeoff comes from the trunk line, the final takeoff should be a minimum of 12% from the end. Air is like water, goes where there is less resistance. If the last takeoffs are moved back from the termination of the trunk line, the trunk line acts like a balloon. The trunk lines fills up then the air is forced out off the round ducts, hopefully equally (except we all know better). If your are on the end this could be one solution even though dampers would essentially perform the same function.

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