Electronic closet - exhaust fan

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Electronic closet - exhaust fan

I have designed my basement around having all of my electronics in a closet.

This consistes of at least 2 computers (tower no monitor), modem, router, printer etc, a 500watt amp, dvd player, vcr, satelite reciever etc,
I realized in this design that this closet will be producing a fair amound of heat. Fortunetly running right through the top of the closet is the cold and hot air ducts.
What I was wondering is could I take an exhaust fan and connect the air out
directly into the side of the cold air return duct? Does anyone see any problems with this idea. I was considering having it on a thermostat so it doesn't run constently only when there is a high heat output (such as running the amp).

This in theory would draw the hot air from the room and disperse it back out the rest of the cold air return vents, I would vent it directly outside but I want to benefit from the heat as we use the furnace in winnipeg around 8 months of the year (used it last week and this week I have the air conditioning on, there is no middle ground)

My other idea was a little bit more basic, just cutting a hole in the side of the cold air return and letting it suck the air out when the furnace runs. This however has some flaws, first of all its a cold air return at the ceilding and will suck the warm air out of my entire basement, second of all it only runs with the furnace so either sometimes when I dont need it or not at all when the closet it hot. Any suggestions on this idea?
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I would vent to the out side in summer. For the winter why not take the air from it to the cold air return. But you have to let air into that closet to get air out so Id put a small filter grill on the door there. This would let air get in to go to the cold air return and also help keep the dust off of all the STUFF you have in there.

Just my .02 cents


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