Sound proof room ventilation


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Sound proof room ventilation

Hello, i am a new member here and am looking for some advice:

I am building small in home recording area for my guitar playing. The room is a 5x8x8 rectangle and has been used for storage till this point. The room has no ventaltion at present accept for a door attached to a rec room. The room is located in the corner of the basement concrete on two walls, garage on the otherside, recroom on the other

As i will be building an air tight room inside of this room ventialtion is extremely important. I have two considerations..

the first is to put an extractor fan with an extremely low sone rating to keep things quiet and for fresh air basic ducting to the outside with no fan. Is it ok to vent (etract) into the garage or would back flow air from the garage make this small space undesirable?

the second consideration is to tap into an existing heating duct at one end of the room this duct will actually be on the 'outside' of the sound proof room as i need to build a room with in the room for sooundproofing purposes The problem is that there is a beam that runs across the room that would interfere ...anyways i guess i could go under this beam with ducting a run it along the side wall.

As this is all new to me ...does 1 heating vent in the ceiling provide ventilation or just heat...does there need to be an extraction device of some sort or air return? Could this be answered be installing a fresh air duct that runs to the ecterior of the home? Problem is tha it gets mighty cold in the winter

I am looking for suggestions of what to do. I considered the washrrom fan option but they are not built to run continously...looking for a more permanent solution

Any help or advice will be much appreciated
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Thumbs up ducting Dilemna

I am not exactly sure of what you are trying to accomplish here.
Are you trying to exhaust air from the guitar space and bring in fresh air for the Air (make up) that you will be displacing. If this is the case I would use a low sone bathroom type fan they are used in elevator machine rooms and other small rooms to run fairly continuously and they seem to last with minor servicing for several years. I would probably put a fan in the Garage as far away from the room to be exhausted as possible (for sound). I would use a fan that can be changed to an inline application from a bottom suction and a side discharge configuration to the inline configuration. Now you can decide to use the fan as either a Supply fan or Exhaust fan, as for myself I would stick to using the fan as the exhaust Air, I would figure out how much Air you wish to be displacing, I would think for a room that size a 60 to 80 CFM fan would be plenty, a fan that small would probably be designed for a 4 or 5 inch pipe but for your application I would try to use 6 inch round pipe for both ducts to service this room. I would run from the garage outside wall one fresh air hood vent for your make up Air to a grille box, and one 6 inch hood vent for your fan Exhaust (to the fan discharge, and from the inlet side you may have to tapin the six inch round duct that will connect to the other grille box exhaust Grille box). In the room I would reccomend having two Grille Boxes made at a sheet metal shop that will work with two inexpensive grilles or have the sheet metal shop make you birdscreen Grilles. I would make the Exhaust Grille Box 10 x 10 x 22 inches long c/w 3/4 inch Flange one end and a 10 x 10 Block end c/w 6 inch round small end tapin collars on the other end all complete with 1 inch Accoustical insulation. You may want to use a grille box that incorporates an elbow to be able to place the make up Air at floor Level and then run up the wall to an round elbow and then out to the fresh air Hood vent. By keeping the exhausting air up high and seperated from the Makeup or fresh air you will ensure that you do not short circuit the air flow.

If you are not clear on any of this send another message and I will try to explain any details better.

Hope this helps,
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What we have done in radio broadcast rooms.
On that heat run to the room build it all out of duct board. Dont use that flex pipe to the room. Over size the register for in the room. Now on the vent out find a good fan low rpm and one that would like mount in a wall. It could blow out into the garage. But you want about 4 ' of fiberglass duct from the room to the vent fan.
So now heat, cool, are just air that has gone through the furnace filter.Can get into the room from the heat register with fiberglass duct and go out through the fiberglass duct to the vent fan so you dont hear it. Make it big enough so you can put like two baffles in the duct, out of duct boardso the ait has to like zig zag around them to get to the fan.

My .02 cents
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Thanks for the tips...will give a little of both a heat would be nice

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