Advice on Air Filter odd size Solution!

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Question Advice on Air Filter odd size Solution!

Hey gang, I have an issue!

We bought a new home a little over a year ago and the manufacturer of our heating and air system doesn't have anything decent to filter our air. They made our unit a very odd size. I measure 16 7/8 x 28. This is a 1" thick standard opening. They provided us with those blue, interwoven mesh kind of filters which are not very good. They keep sagging and falling down into the housing of the unit over time. I have complained numerous times to the manufacturer and all they do is come out and makeshift another crappy blue filter which they have to cut and throw in there. These are horrible filters because they sag (there is no finished edge on them) and they are very difficult to remove and work with. I wind up shredding the sides of the filter and blue junk falls all over the place. Also, myself, my wife, and my kids are always coughing and hacking due to allergies! They tried to makeshift one filter by sliding in some metal rods into it to prevent sagging but this doesn't really work well. I still found it laying in the bottom of my base again. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

I give up on the manurfacturer of this unit! It's a shame they don't even make decent filters for the units they install!!

So, I need advice on a custom filter that I can just slide into the unit without the headache of it sagging and falling down into the base each month. Something with a frame around it?? Duh! Also, I want the best solution for allergies. I am sure I'd have to order this as a custom job so price is also a concern.

Who makes the best custom build filter for the money. And, which "type" of filter would be the best to use? Electrostatic, woven, etc? I am no expert on filters, believe me!

Any links or advice on a good company who I could order a filter from would greatly be appreciated! The situation I have now makes no sense and is totally useless. Our house is filthy from dust and everyone sounds like they smoke four packs a day!

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To start a lot of ifs ifs here. Can you rework the cold air duct there by the furnace. To put a bigger filter in??? what kind of cold air grills do you have in the home can they be made into filter grills . With the filter in them. Dont look at any EAC filters people dont take care of them so they dont work. Might look at Purolator they have some good ones on up to the Air Bear that is 5" of pleated filter they do a very good job. you do want to get one in a frame here for sure dont use that wash out kind at all. There also is a spray that you can put on a filter to help and we have UV lights to go into the duct work to help.

Post back in this same post just what you have and we can help more.

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I looked up some information and I think the current filter the manufacturer used was a coarse, hog hair type that has just been cut, no frame around it. So, when I remove it the filter is always getting caught on the sharp sides of the filter opening, causing a mess, not to mention it's very annoying and difficult to work with. Why manufacturers make junk like this is beyond me. If I would have known this going in I would have never purchased this type of unit!

Now, to answer your question. No, I can not do, nor am I willing to work on my duct work. I only want a slide in filter that I can either wash, or replace, which ever is most cost efficient. Why don't you recommend the electrostatic? I am real good about cleaning it every 30 days. Or, should I get disposable kinds? If so, where can I get them to custom make some? This is the problem. My furnace air return duct is so odd ball in size nothing fits it unless I cut that cheap, hog hair crap which I cannot stand to work with.

Again, I just want filters which I can slide in and out without the hassle. Some with an actual frame around them. I also need them to be "quality" filters which will help with our allergies. With all the technology this world has why am I having so much trouble finding a simple furnace filter??

p.s. I blame it on whoever installed my furnace. They made it such a wierd size that it's not very easy for the homeowner to buy filters. I never had this issue with my last home. I think my last house had a 16x20 filter.

Never buy a furnace from AirTron in Cincinnati Ohio. They are the worst company I have ever dealt with!! They are unwilling to remedy a solution for me. Live and learn!
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Air Filters

Actually those blue woven filters are pretty good at filtration. Several manufacturers use them as original equipment. They can be reinforced by running solid rod thru the filter in an asterisk pattern. If you want a better filter, I suggest a 4-5" pleated "media" filter. There are several manufactures including Honeywell, Air Bear, & Aprilaire. These would likely require professional installation unless you are capable of doing ductwork.
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Filters, etc.


I'm no "professional," but as a long time homeowner and allergy sufferer, I have had considerable hands-on practical experience in trying to cope with dust problems in the various places that we have lived.

It looks like you are going to have to hire a carpenter, good handyman or someone to re-do or modify your present filter accomodations. An acquaintance had this done in conjunction with an upgraded heating system. It required some sawing and hammering and the bending and installation of some sheet metal to accomodate a new, easy-access filter grille in his hallway. But it was no big deal.

From my own personal experience, I can sympathize with your dusty problem. I hate to sound discouraging. However if you have a forced-air, central heating and cooling system, it doesn't much matter what kind of filters you might use. Due to the associated duct work, you're still going to have dust. If you use too much filtering, you can impede the air flow and possibly damage the furnace.

One has to understand that dust, dirt (and debris that has fallen into the duct work through the vents in the floor registers) is already present inside the duct work -- there is already an accumulation of dust and dustmites inside the duct work itself, which, when the forced air, coursing through the duct work, is going to blow all that stuff right back into your house via the floor registers. It's a continuous, re-cycling and recirculation process.

I understand there are some hepa filtering systems available that work pretty well, but they require some special installation.

The only way to have a virtual dust free home is to convert to a radiant (ductless) heating system. The big draw back is you would then need window units (ductless) for air conditioning.
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Okay.... Um, thanks?

Sorry, but this is not helping me solve my issues guys! I do appreciate the knowledge and it was entertaining to read!!

AAAANnnnyyyyway, I am just going to purchase either an adjustable filter or have some custom made. For now, this is the only solution because I have no money, nor am I going to redo my heating and cooling!

BTW, there are local companies (I discovered) in my area who make any size frame and just have replaceable inserts you can change out! Very easy solution. Or, I can have made the entire filter in quantities of 12 but that is more expensive than just buying a frame upfront and then just replacing pads/filters.

So, for about $50 a year I can always have a fresh filter that does a pretty good job considering my poorly designed furnace unit. Live and learn, I got what I paid for so I shouldn't complain! Anything will beat what I have now. A lousy, hog hair piece of junk which doesn't fit properly, sags, falls into the base and winds up making a mess. Doh!

I'm out. Post closed. Thanks and no offense to anyone.

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