Dryer venting [with heater intake nearby]

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Dryer venting [with heater intake nearby]

I am currently remodeling our utility room. My furnace has a fresh air intake/exhaust system. This pvc ductwork is 2 3in runs of pvc that combine into one where it leaves the house in some type of split tube. (intake and exhaust). My question is this. The new location that I would be moving my gas dryer to would nessecitate me venting the dryer rougly 32 inches from my heating system intake. Does anyone know the required spacing in order to prevent the dryer exhaust coming back in through the fresh air intake. The would both be about the same height at around 7.5 feet off the ground outside the house. Thanks in advance for any help

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The required distance would be found in the installation manual for your furnace. Usually, the codes will follow manufacturers specs. It sounds like you have a concentric vent on your furnace and you may want to check that manufacturers specs also. My general opinion of dryer vents is that they are a direct decendant of Murphy. As in Murphys Law; "What can go wrong will go wrong" If you dont keep it 10 feet away, I would say you will be cleaning dryer lint out of your combustion box which is combustible by the way.

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