Dryer Duct Problem, Birds won't find another home

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Dryer Duct Problem, Birds won't find another home

I discovered today that I have a birds nest inside the vent door outside in the dryer duct. I have a two story house and the dryer is on the 2nd floor in the middle of the house. The duct starts from the dryer and goes down about two feet then goes out to the end of the house about 15 feet or so. Well the end piece of the duct that is on the end of the house was not connected to the rest of the duct coming from the dryer. I cleaned out the nest. Too bad, bird eggs and all. I pulled on the duct and brought it out farther then connect it to the end duct. So now we are getting a direct hit from the dryer on the heat. Clothes were taking a long time before. Anyway, two things are bad. I have to get the tool to clean out the duct. I know which one, The duct is somewhat coated with dryer dust. Also, after I removed the nest the mother birds has come back and gotten in the duct again. Luckily we had the dryer on and the bird eventually went out. I put a piece of screen over the vent flap opening but that can't be permanent because the duct needs to push out the dust and heat. Anyway, what can I do to keep the birds out of the duct, (maybe I could of kept it short and just asked that). However it was interesting today finding a full nest inside of there. I appreciate your advise. Thanks
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they make bird screens for the vent.
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Yep, either a vent with the rodent screen, or one with the self-closing flaps.
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I had a similar situation, and the self-closing flap did NOT work. The birds could actually flip it up and crawl inside - I didn't believe it until I saw one do it.
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They have a dry vent for siding. That has many louvers on it that open . But even a bird cant get back into it. Any screen on the end of the pipe there will block up with lint right away.
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The birds (I'll bet they're starlings) will have to work pretty hard to get past one of these vents.


I just did a Google search for "pop up dryer vent" (without the " ") and posted the link to the first one I saw. Judiscious shopping could probably find one at a lower price.
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Replace the piece outside with a new one that has the flat on it. That will keep the birds out.

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