vent bathroom exhaust fan through existing eave vent??


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vent bathroom exhaust fan through existing eave vent??

We are remodeling our bathroom, and we are installing an exhaust fan for the first time. The contractor is planning on venting the fan by laying the duct behind the screen for one of the eave vents (we live in northern California, and our home doesn’t have soffits). That seems like it may be an issue for moisture even where we live, although he said he does it all the time and has never had a problem. The other alterative he suggested was putting a dryer vent through the 2x4 under the eave. That seems better, but it will still exit under the eave and relatively close to eave vents. Also, not really enough room to install a 4 inch vent properly. The bathroom is approximately 20 feet from the nearest gable wall. It seems like the best alternative is a roof vent, but the contractor says putting more holes in the roof is not a good ideal. Thouhgts?
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If it's a shingle roof then that's where the vent should go.
Your right.
The hot moist air gets sucked back up into the attic.

soffit dryer vent roof damage - Bing Images
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I'd go through the roof. Yes, holes in the roof should be minimized but done properly it's a pretty easy and reliable install. Most home centers sell complete kits to do it if you have a asphalt shingled roof.
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We live in Northern California, and don't really have soffits as they show in the pictures. The rafters sit on top of a 2x4 that is on top of the stucco. and terminate about 24" past the wall. In between the rafters is either another 2x4 or a piece of screening to provide ventilation to the attic. The contractor wants to put the vent through that 2x4 (eseentially a dryer vent) or just lay it behind one of the screens. But just because of the number of vents and the locations of the 2 bathrooms that we are having remodeled, it would be impossible to place the exhaust fan vent more that about 2 feet away from one of the screen vents into the attic - even if it was OK otherwise to vent the fan under the eave. The contractor says that either putting the vent behind one of these screens or going through the 2x4 between the rafters is the only way he ever does it, and that he's never had a problem. Is it dry and warm enough so maybe this is OK? Seems to me like the safest way is through the roof or running the vent 15-20 feet to the outside wall. He has done a good job otherwise, but this vent issue seems to be sticky for some reason.

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