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smell proofing downstairs garage

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04-15-17, 04:32 PM   #1 (permalink)  
smell proofing downstairs garage

My wire tells me she can smell the garage odors from our downstairs garage, how can I smell proof it? I do not smell but she does

We do a bit of race car wrenching every weekend with the guys, brake cleaner I would say is the smelliest thing, very rarely any engine running.

There are four doors unfortunately - side door to the staircase, two doors to the heater closer and a door to the backside bedroom. The HVAC behind the door from the smell source probably. I do not see any vents coming into the garage.

This is a 2011 house and looks like all the doors have some kind of foam tube insulation on all side and a plastic tube insulation on the bottom. Is there a chance to improve these? Which looks like the weaker spot? Is there a way to test the seal somehow?

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04-15-17, 04:35 PM   #2 (permalink)  
PS: there is also HVAC filter - that one I did change a couple of months ago. Would a more expensive HVAC filter help with the smells? Any magic keywords on the filter to look for?

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04-15-17, 04:52 PM   #3 (permalink)  
You can visibly check the weatherstripping for gaps or ill fitting areas. A stick of incense or most anything that will allow you to try and blow smoke past the weatherstripping might bring up areas that eyeballing might miss.

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04-15-17, 05:02 PM   #4 (permalink)  
I doubt a different furnace filter will help. Premium ones tend to filter out smaller particles like fine dust and pollen but don't do anything about gasses like evaporated fuel and solvents. If you want a filter I would look for a stand alone filter with it's own fan and one that contains an activated charcoal filter.

I would turn on your furnace or AC with the doors between the garage and house closed. Then on the garage side light something that makes smoke like a cigarette or incense and move the smoke source slowly around the perimeter of the doors to see if the smoke is getting sucked into the house. Also do this test around ceiling light fixtures, outlets and light switches. You are looking for any way air may be getting sucked from the garage up into the house.

One of the best degreasers/cleaner that I've found is aviation gas (AVgas, 100LL). It's great for cleaning parts and it does not have the strong offensive smell of auto gas. And it doesn't leave a gasoline smell on your hands. If you race you may find that race fuels also don't have the same offensive smell.

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