Changing capacitor on Trane ECM Motor Module


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Changing capacitor on Trane ECM Motor Module

After a storm my ac stop working, first the transformer was bad. I changed it. Got the board to work again. Then no blowing. I tested the motor ok.
How the ECM motor module, 2 big capacitor are there... their top is round. But there us sine kind of sealant at the bottom, making the repair a little harder but not much.
I would like to replace them, or try before paying 400$ plus. Here is some info

Question #2 is I read somewhere that the part number was changed to MOD02177, I am not sure if it's true.

My hvac is Trane
mo: TUD080R9V3K0
the actual part ECM motor module say genteq MOD02186*
The capacitor show 200v 10000 uf(m) 105C 39tw4m Nippon chean-com KMQ

If I can find those capacitor I would be happy.
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Can you post some pics? That would help.
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Here you go. An image of the capacitor.
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I think you have to replace the module.
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pretty sure one of the mosfets is shorted out, put your meter into diode mode and you will see 4 mosfets on the board ... check to see which one or ones do not behave like diodes when checking Gates Drains and sources....
I have been repairing ECM boards and motors for a while now... your welcome to drop off an pick up at my store but by appointment only. Shipping just the board is another option, usually I find that once a thermistor fails a mosfet has shorted out, the root cause of these problems is airflow.... a plugged up filter burns a blower up... leaves and ice formations do the same on inducers.. these motors try to maintain an airflow in most cases and there RPMS are variable.... hence why they are programmed for particular cabinets or enclosure assemblies.
-Mark Pasieka

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Good information, Mark. Thanks.
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Thanks for the information Mark. Direct contact via the forums constitutes advertising so anyone needing your direct assistance can contact you thru a PM (personal message).
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Just an observation.

You have listed the cap as 10000uf, 200v. If you look close the cap is actually 1000uf.

You may have more luck finding this one. I pasted your description on ebay using the 1000uf and found some choices that may help if it is the cap.

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