How to remove this register?


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How to remove this register?

Rather than paint the old S.A. registers in my home yet again, I'd like to replace them. I can see a screw behind the register, but the only way I can see to get at it with a screwdriver is to bend the vane. I have a hard time believing that's how it was originally installed. Does anyone know if there's a secret to getting this register off? BTW, the outside dimensions of the register are 6-1/2" x 15"; would it be reasonable to assume the boot is 6 x 14?
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Should anyone run across these registers in a home, I finally figured out how the register comes off, but it took partially breaking it to get it off to see how it's supposed to come off. There are two tabs at the top of that upside down U-shaped blade that slide into a slot. So you pull on the top and it pivots out, then you lift up. That gives you access to the two screws that attach everything to the boot. The problem is that the tabs are corroded enough that I broke the clips that hold everything in place. Hopefully something like penetrating oil will loosen thins up. BTW, the name stamped on the register is General Electric; never knew they made registers!

The other bigger issue is that the outside dimension of the old register is 6-1/2" x 15", but the boot is just 4" x 12". So when I put a new adjustable register on, it won't cover the old paint line. With all the layers of wall paint, I'm going to have to play with joint compound at each register. Nothing is ever easy; what a PIA!
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Google Hart & Cooley. They make registers. A lot more than you'll find at a box store. They may have what you need.

Hope this helps a little.
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Wow... a GE register. At GE we bring good things to life.
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