Dryer vent spewing out lint


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Dryer vent spewing out lint


I can't help but notice our next door neighbor's dryer vent every time I look out the bathroom window. The thing is just spewing out lint onto he roof. Call me selfish but I really don't want our house burning down.

Does this picture look normal and nothing to worry about? I kind of want to mention it to them, but we just moved in and I don't know them very well.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Thanks, j
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Definitely not normal. If the outlet looks like that I hesitate to think what the duct, elbows and lint filter look like. Take them over an apple pie and mention it.
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All dryer vents will let some lint out. That looks like a lot, Won't hurt your house but it friendly with neighbor I would show them that and suggest a vent clean. To prod them on tell a clodded vent is the most common reason for dryer repairs and long dry times.
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That looks like they're using the dryer with no lint filter in it.
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I was always under the assumption that clogged vents could cause a fire.

That much lint cant possibly be coming out with their lint trap in place can it?

They were super nice when we moved in. Iíll stop by sometime. Just donít want to be the nosey neighbor.
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We clean our lint screen before every load and our vent still gets linted up. I've got a rotating brush set that I put on a cordless drill and clean out the duct twice a year. It's about a 30' straight run and it's interesting how most of the lint accumulates near the end of the run. Still, I think having the vent exhaust on the roof makes it look the worst possible. All that sharp grit on the shingles to catch and hold the lint where it's easy to see.
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Thats a good point about the roof. I didn't think about that. I forgot the our vent on our last home was on the side of the house and the stuff just kind of blew away.
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I painted a new subdivision where a majority of the houses built had the dryer exhaust thru the roof. Lint on the roof seemed to be a common issue. I assume a trap and filter [along with keeping it clean] is the fix.
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I don't think its a problem. My wife cleans the dryer filter every load and I clean the pipes about twice a year. Still lint will accumulate and fly out the exhaust. But because its on the wall nobody sees it. On the roof every little bit of dust will catch on the shingles. I'll bet on a heavy rain it's all gone.

however, due to the fact it's on the roof makes for a difficult ability to clean it.

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