Exhaust fan for basement?


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Exhaust fan for basement?


In a previous post I discussed back and forth the encapsulation project for our small crawlspace.

In Short: we have a 1920 Farmhouse sitting on a full fieldstone foundation basement with a small crawlspace under the kitchen. The crawlspace has zero conditioning - no insulation, no sump pump, nada. It's completely open to the basement along with the musty odors and high humidity.

A temporary (perhaps even permanent) solution to the odors and humidity was suggested to me to install a fan in the basement, connect it to ducting or one of those window dryer vents and help exhaust the air.

My concern is negative pressure. Will I end up sucking CO back into the basement? Could I just tee into the furnace exhaust and let it flow that way - my gut says thats a bad idea.

What would be the best solution until we condition and encapsulate to getting these odors and humidity out?

My thought is a smallish CFM fan connected to ducting thru a window.

Thanks everyone!
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No..... you don't want to tie anything into the furnace for that area.

If it smells that bad then it needs fresh air. You don't want to draw any air into the cellar from the crawlspace. Possibly a small exhaust fan out in the crawlspace to draw air outside.
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Thanks, I figured as much. So it would make more sense to exhaust thru the crawlspace since that's where the odors and humidity are coming from, rather than draw them into the basement firsf, am I understanding that right?

Follow-up, would I just create a vent thru the foundation in the crawl or run it somewhere else? Like I said, this is a temporary fix until we encapsulate here in a few months

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