Duct work ripping out hangers from ceiling


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Duct work ripping out hangers from ceiling

Hello and thank you in advance for anyone who can help.

I have duct work running throughout my basement. It has began to sink since I moved into the house. It was hung using duct work hangers. You can see in the pictures here that it is too heavy and pulling the screws out of the areas they were screwed into (ceiling joists?). Can anyone tell me a safe way to get this back up there? I don't feel confident that just putting a new screw in will do the trick.

Thanks for your advice.

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Take a 2x4, screw another 2x4 across it crossways (like a T) and prop up the ductwork so its tight to the joists. Then put the screws back into your braces. Use larger screws if necessary.
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Welcome to the forums.

What did they use there..... nails ?
I would replace any missing hardware with 2-3" sheetrock screws and washers on the heads.
You may not be able to pull the duct all the way back up to the joists. That's ok. Tighten the screws slowly. You can also add your own straps to better carry the weight.

You can get this metal strapping tape at the home improvement stores..... Hanging strap

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