Gap between the ductwork and the wall


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Gap between the ductwork and the wall

How can i fix the gap between the ductwork and wall.. The heat & air is going in the walls.. not really coming in the rooms upstairs. what do I need.
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That appears to be a cold air return if so then it does not send air to other rooms it is where air is sucked in to go to the furnace/AC.

Is the duct loose and can you move it around? It looks like it should be attached flush with the face of the wall. If it can't be moved you can build a wooden box frame to fill in the gap or if you're handy with sheet metal you can make it out of metal.
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Please forgive me. I Taken off the vent to take the picture. its cant be moved. its just a whole in the duct. I'm trying to get it as flushed to the wall as possible not that good with tool. I have duct work in the basement. the duct is not lose.. I was trying to add another picture not sure how to that.
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So the problem is not the gap, it's that the patch on the duct is not sealed well?

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