High energy bills - warm house - cool attic


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High energy bills - warm house - cool attic

Hi - I recently bought a new house and moved in April. Iím paying 50-75% more than neighbors (who live in the same model built by the same builder) for electricity each month. The only reason I can think of for why is that my HVAC system is working too hard to cool my house. That said, I keep my thermostats at 75. Neighbors are around 72.

My house is warm while my attic is much cooler. The attic has that crisp feeling of a freshly, overly-air conditioned room that is easily felt. Itís 65 outside right now, inside of my house is 75, donít have a temp for the attic but know itís colder.

Hot air rises, so my attic should be a bit hotter than the house, right?

Or, should my attic, which is properly vented, match ambient outdoor temperatures?

I have a one year warranty but the HVAC installer is not being too helpful. He confirmed the outside units are drawing normal power but didnít check anything else.

I think the duct work is leaking air in the attic. Is my suspicion warranted? What can I do to troubleshoot this on my own?

thanks for your help in advance!

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One of the HVAC pros should be along soon, but my layman's opinion would be to suspect duct work issue as you mentioned. Might be worth calling an independent HVAC company to come and inspect. Cost you a hundred bucks or so, but might be money well spent.

You're in the mid-Atlantic region I believe?
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My house is warm while my attic is much cooler.
In general, attic temps and hose temps are not related as the attic is an unconditioned space. With time, assuming proper ventilation, the attic temp will match that of the outdoors!

So it could be a duct issue, but that should be relatively easy to see and repair.

Does the house have adequate ceiling insulation, do you have large souther windows, do you keep blinds/drapes closed to eliminate radiant heat.

Lots of variables even for similar homes! As mentioned, an independent survey should pinpoint any areas needing improvement!

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