Water leaked into AC duct - need to replace?


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Question Water leaked into AC duct - need to replace?

So, I had a water leak in the kitchen upstairs, and of course the water made its way downstairs. ServiceMaster came in and ripped out flooring, drywall, insulation, etc. and dried the house with dehumidifiers, blowers, etc. They say the water remediation work is done.

However, it's likely that water got into a floor register and into the duct that feeds it. The duct is 8" Insulated Flexible R8. Do I need to replace this duct? Replacing it would require ripping out the drywall ceiling in the room below. (ServiceMaster did not remove that ceiling because there's no insulation above it, their dryers were able to dry it out, and the drywall maintained it's structural integrity.)

So, if I want that duct replaced, my contractor (the guy I'm hiring to put everything back together) will have to do it. Insurance will cover me for this, but is it really necessary? If not, I can use that money for other things, covering the deductible, some desired upgrades, etc. The duct is insulated with fiberglass but that's on the outside of the duct itself, which is a plastic material. So, I'm not sure if the fiberglass around the exterior of the duct ever got wet, and the dry air from the AC running would most likely have dried up any water inside it. I thought about hiring someone run a camera down the duct to inspect it, but I'm not sure that would really tell me anything definitive.

So, should I have it scoped, rip it out just in case, or not worth the trouble?

Floor register

Flexible duct
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You might develop mold growth, not the best thing inside a duct discharging conditioned air into the breathing zone. A camera might tell you something, but I'd just replace the duct "to be safe".
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