odd situation about HVAC permit

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odd situation about HVAC permit

I'm finishing my basement. I started work last year and added a few vents to condition different zones of my basement last summer. I simply tapped them into the main trunk. My whole project was delayed and I'm now getting ready to put up drywalls. BUT I was told by my plumbing inspector yesterday that I need to have a licensed HVAC contractor to pull permit and get it inspected, and this is a new requirement by county effective Jan this year. He was telling me that I need the calculation and proper duct sizing etc.
I don't know what that would entail as I have installed the ductwork and made soffit around them. I will have a contractor coming in next week to take a look and let me know what's cost to get it pass inspection. I'm really worried if they ask me to rip off the soffit to update the duct sizing. It really sucks.
Has anyone ever dealt with this situation before? what does inspector really look for during the inspection?
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Those are all questions for your city/inspector.
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You have said the ductwork was finished before the new requirement was put in place. If you got a permit for the work a year or more ago, it wouldn't be reasonable to expect you to also be psychic and predict what new regulations would be dreamed up after the work was done.
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^^^ was a permit required for the work you did a yr ago?
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No. The permit was not required prior to 2021. I talked with an inspector today. He said drawing must accompany the permit application as well as a signed affidavit from master license holder that the existing system has been calculated for additional load. Manual J will not be required.
So now I have to find a licensed contractor to retrospectively apply permit.
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You need a permit if you will rent the (space/room/basement) as a living area for a citizen.

For "a real job", the ducting is supposed to be separate, on a separate fan: you should read the building code: why didn't you???

You can't duct air pulled from one apartment and dump it into another apartement. Nor can you have ducting which allows one apartment to "fish a camera into the other apartment" (the ducts cannot be connected).

Your AC/HEAT requires you pull circulate all the air 3x per times it turns on (say, every 10 min of operation). If you connect a whole basement to a pre-existing system you need to "re-design" or you'll have bad air flow and also very poor efficiency (circulating 1.5 times is very in-efficient). so if you have 10,000 cu/ft in your home, that's 30,000 cu/ft per 10 min.

Your receiver vent has to have the opening so that it can pull air that the exit vents push out. If you didn't install a recieving vent then you need to ... leave your basement door open ? (see the next note - as having no reciver could actuall cause air to be pulled from the mechanical heat ducts for the heater and water heater: WHICH IS WRONG - YOU CAN'T DO THAT)

Your recieiver vent that pulls air has to be located at least (far) away from any vent to be effective but also it's important it is far away FROM ANY HEATER BURNER (central heat or water heater).

If you installed no receiver "techincally" your kinda ok with the burners (unless your extinguishing pilot lights or making a blue flame orange?), but your vents won't blow since there's no exit point you need to keep basement door open again.

Your local government may be a bunch of crooks. But other than that, it really doesn't matter unless your leasing.


you remembered the building code rule about hanging ducts (IF metal ducts are connected to a furnace, then it must be hung "like the others" (not touching the wood, and special protection just above the heat box) ). i assume you hung your ducts like the other ducts ? you didn't let your ducts touch electrical wiring (though the 983743 who built your home probably didn't care and did it)


* though shalt not alter air flow in mechanical ducts or pull CO from them

* though shalt not let a heater duct that's too hot due to dead fan burn the house down by contacting wires or flammables


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