Ridge vent fan vs whole house fan

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Ridge vent fan vs whole house fan

I understand the difference but what would benifit my house more? 2 floors, 1923 home. 1st floor is kept at 76 when its above 80 but second floor is easily 5 degrees or more hotter than first. Would venting the hot air out of the insulated attic help cool second floor or should I use a whole house fan? My theory is draw the hot air from the above space will help the space below. Opions , facts?
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In theory you are correct, that is why adequate ventilation is always needed for attics but to jump to the conclusion that more will make a difference may not be true.

Id start with confirming your current condition to see if it meets the standards first.

Attics are always hot, two story homes are generally warmer upstairs, cold air is heavy and difficult to move up so several factors at play,

And, an attic fan is intended to move air in the attic, a whole house fan is intended to move air through the house so there are differences!

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Generally speaking, if the attic temp is affecting the house, you need more insulation. It sounds to me like the HVAC system just needs better balancing.
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If you have one AC system and there is no door closing off the 1st and 2nd floors from each other than it is very natural for the upstairs to be hotter. Even in a room it's easy to find the floor to be 5 degrees cooler than the ceiling. Leaving the air handler fan on continuously to circulate the air can help.

I would NOT run a whole house fan because you have to open windows to allow air in which will kill your air conditioning. I would look into more attic insulation and check to see if your attic has adequate ventilation. Don't count on attic ventilation to make much difference in the temp of the upstairs however. Attic ventilation does more to prolong the life of the shingles than it does for keeping the house cool.

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