Squeaky Dishwasher Door

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Squeaky Dishwasher Door

I have a KitchenAid Dishwasher Model # KUDM01FK. The door has always squeaked a little bit since installation. However, in the past few days it has become unbearable. I can hear it near the door hinges, but oiling everything in site has yet to produce any decrease in the squeaking. I have even pulled the DW out and reduced the tension on the door springs. Still, no effect. Any help would be appreciated.
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That is part of a model#.
Model# helps. *May* not matter with our noise problem.

I can hear it near the door hinges, but oiling everything in site has yet to produce any decrease in the squeaking.
The door sits on hinge pins and the hinge rubs/rides on the pin, these may squeek, even have had some wire ties/wire holders inside the door shift and make terrible noises when the door was opened and closed.

I'd try to remove the outer panal and then you may get a better view or idea of what is making the door noise.

*Some* common panal removal helps...
<img src="http://www.american-appliance.com/images/image_data/ss_ka_dw1_small.jpg">

<img src="http://www.american-appliance.com/images/image_data/kadw2_small.jpg">

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Since this is a high-result page for "squeaky dishwasher door" and I found a solution at least for one model, I thought I'd post it.

Mine is a Kenmore Elite, and from what I've seen, this happens a lot.

Basically, you don't have to remove the door to fix this, but you will have to pull the dishwasher out and get to the bottom "skirt" and the springs.

The squeaking on my unit was caused by the "door closing spring assembly" rubbing. There is a nylon cord attached to the spring that runs both through a guide and a pulley ring. The guide assembly is made of nylon, as is the cord. Apparently, over time, the cord polishes the guide, which then makes a harmonic sound which is very loud, essentially turning the entire dishwasher into a speaker when you open and close the door.

I attempted to scratch up the guide to fix the problem, which worked for about 20 open and closings, then it repolished it. You could probably replace the nylon cord with some other material, but that would be a pain.

What I figured out was that the door would still function if you just bypass the guide all together. This requires some additional modification. The cord is now too long and tension is weaker, so I tied 2 knots in it to fix that. Also, the skirt assembly rubs on the cord. I just took a cut off wheel and notched out the skirt at the top.

The only other issue is that when fully open, the corner of the bottom of each side of the door hit the cord. It still works, and doesn't seem to be a problem. I'd rather have that than the squeak.

Good luck!
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Dry Lube It!

I have a three year old KitchenAid dishwasher with a horribly squeaky door. The sound comes from the nylon rope slipping over the plastic pulleys. I sprayed a dry lubricant on all of the rope and the plastic pulleys (lube comes in an aerosol can--I used Dry Graphite by Gunk). Once the stuff dried, the noise was gone. DW 0 - Me 1
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I had the same issue with my Kenmore "Elite" (I'm sure it was elite 20 years ago....)

I drenched the thing in lubricant and grease and it still howled like I was throwing a cat through a wind tunnel. I found this forum thanks to google, and it gave me exactly the answer I needed - the two pieces of nylon (cord and guide) rubbing together.

However, not having any "dry lube" and not really wanting to cut bits of my dishwasher in order to let the nylon cord move freely, I looked around for some potential other solutions. I wound up sticking some small zip-ties into the grooves of the guides, and letting the cord run on top of that. The hard plastic should stay rough for a couple years at least.
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Thumbs up Fixed it

My dishwasher is a Kitchenaid, and it was driving me crazy with the horrible noise when opening. I tried to wax the strings with a candle, but it seemed to actually make it worse.

I noticed that the plastic guides were identical on the left and the right, so I unbolted them and swapped them out. This put the wear surface of the string on the fresh side of each guide, same as a brand new one. The noise went away completely. I guess in another 4 or 5 years, I will need to replace them.

Noise gone.

Cost: $0.
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We had the same problem, and running a regular bar of soap over the nylon cords fixed it.
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Curing the squeak

My old GE Dishwasher circa 1985 bit the dust and I bought a newish Kitchen Aid dishwasher off of Craigslist. It had a huge squeaky door problem. I noticed that door on the old GE model operated with spring connected to steel cables that ran through metal pullies, while the Kitchen Aid uses plastic wheels and nylon cord. Friction on the cords (what a stupid thing to use on an expensive appliance!) was causing the squeak. I had a cake of beeswax that I ran over the cord and that cured it. For insurance I also squirted some graphite on the wheels. No more squeak, for now at least. Its disappointing to see such cheap parts replacing parts that last.
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Thanks to ferrisbueller

I have a 5 year old Whirlpool dishwasher with the same squeaky door. After lubricating the door hinge pins without solving the problem I came looking for help and found these posts. I tried ferrisbueller's solution and five minutes later no more problem. Thanks to you all!
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RUBBING A CANDLE on the nylon strings, located on the sides of the machine, worked like magic! (On both mine and my mother's Kenmore dishwashers, what a difference! 3 months later still no squeak. Super easy. You do have to pull the dishwasher out a bit to do this.)
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Squeaky Dishwasher door

Ferrisbueller - you solved the problem completely!! Thanks so much!
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Fix squeaky dishwasher door with lithium grease

Thanks to this thread for leading me to the nylon cords and roller casings! I sprayed lithium grease on the nylon cord, roller casing and spring. See pictures.

Instant fix. I opened and closed the door fifty (50) times and it is smooth and squeak/loud sounds free. Hope it last a year; easy fix to do again as maintenance.

I have a Kenmore elite dishwasher.
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Cool Fixed

Ferrisbueller, thank you for the great tip. Your suggestion worked like a champ.
Gulu23, thank you for the photos. While the suggestion to use grease didn't work for me, the pictures were very useful in determining if I wanted to tackle the project.
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Gulu23, to paraphrase an old saying, "One Picture is Worth a Thousand Thank-Yous"! And you posted five!
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Welcome to the forums.

Glad you found the information useful. DIY leaves all threads accessible for searchable reference. Since the thread is so old it will be closed but still accessible.
Please feel free to start a new thread if you need help.
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