Washing Machine vibration


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Washing Machine vibration

We just moved our washer and dryer from the basement to the second floor of our home. I failed to anticipate the vibration created by our new front loading washer during its spin cycle however and now am looking for a way to dampen it. The washer currently is in a shallow plastic tub. Attached to the tub is a 1 1/2" pvc drain pipe that penetrates an exterior wall. The tub sits on a wooden floor. The kitchen area is on the first floor directly below the washer and things rattle pretty good when the washer kicks into high gear.

Any ideas for dampening the vibration would be appreciated. While I can disconnect the washer and with some difficulty get it out of the tub, the tub is basically attached to the side of the house via the PVC pipe.

I just don't know the best way to isolate the washer from the floor. My 1888 Victorian feels like its going to rattle apart.
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Front loaders on spin are not quite to begin with. On a wood floor it can be even worse. Are you certain that it's sitting solid on the floor on all 4 feet? Could be the tray isn't perfectly flat on the floor as well. If all else fails, you could find a sheet of rubber and place it under the tray to try to isolate the washer from the floor. Good luck.

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