Ge fridge warm


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Ge fridge warm

I have a side-by-side GE TFX245 refrigerator that has stopped cooling. It blows air (warm). It also tries to start up (compressor?). The fan in the back starts, but then shuts off after a few seconds. It does this continually (I can hear the fan start and a clicking noise as it goes on and off). Incidentally, it has an ice maker, and the line sprung a leak (love those copper lines). So I shut off the water supply at the cut off valve, and turned the ice maker off. It was only a few days later that the fridge warmed up. I don't believe that there is any correlation, but thought I'd mention it just the same. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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cajon ken
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It does sound like your compressor may be causing you problems. The on & off cycling indicates that there is an overload of current or the start relay is faulty. If one of the windings in the compressor happens to touch against the metal housing it causes a short in the circuit and the start relay, some call it a safety relay, will open up before a hazzardist situation occurs. The current to the compressor on start up will need to be checked to see which is at fault. If current is within limits then the relay is bad. If the current is over the limit then a new compressor will be needed. The icemaker problem should not effect this unless water somehow got in a place that caused the contacts of something to be shorted to the case, which water will do. Especially aroiund the compressor. Take the cover off the compressor where the wires go, AFTER UNPLUGGING THE REFRIGERATOR, use an insulated screwdriver and jumper each terminal to the case. This will discharge any voltage that may be left on the start capacitor. After you are satified that you have discharged each terminal take a good look in there for the presence of any moisture. If you find some you may get lucky and be able to dry everything out and elliminate the problem. If not then its time for the repairman or the trashman, whichever you trust the most. Good Luck.

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