Dead Fridge?


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Question Fridge not cold enough but freezer is fine?

About two weeks ago my fridge started gradually warming up even though it was set to its coldest level... The freezer keeps things frozen just fine.... The firdge is an Inglis niagara System 2000 model.... Anyone got any ideas? I really don't have the money to buy a new fridge

Thanks in advance
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Dead Fridge?

My fridge and freezer have been slowly getting warmer and warmer over about the last 7 days.... The freezer is barely keeping things frozen now and the fridge is almost the same temp as the room.... A friend suggested I was likely leaking coolant and that if the firdge is old enough a repair guy will not repair it.

Any ideas?

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Its what you want to do for $$$$ How old is it helps?Is the compressor running? Is it in hot gas bypass? Call a tech and have them look at it. If it is old ,Id go for a new one. Than have someone work on it.

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Tahnks for the quick reply I think I got it!

Fridge is an Inglis system 2000 about 10 years old maybe a little less but it does have an energy efficiency sticker so it can't be that old. Frost free.

After pulling apart everything that seemed possible.... I found that the Evaporator was caked with Ice... So much so that the fan was being hindered although not completely stopped by it. I'm melting that right now.... After that is all melted and the cold air can flow again I'm sure it will work. Question is why did it get this way in the first place? I notied that it did happen gradually opver about a weeks time.... I'm thinking the Radiant defrost heater might be toasted.... IS there an easy way to test this? Should I feel it to see if its warm and if so how warm?

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one more question

I pulled out the thermal fuse for the defrost heater... At room temperature (About 22 celcius) when I tested it with my multimeter there was no continuity. On the spec sheet for the fridge it says it opens at (73-77 celcius) I am fairly sure this means its broken but just wanted to check with someone who knows?

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refrig is frozen up

There are three main parts in a defrost system: The defrost heater (metal or glass tube type), the defrost timer ( mechanical or electronic), and the defrost termination switch ( usually a small round device with a clip of some kind that secures it to the coils and has two wires coming out of it). One of these parts is probably bad. The part you are calling a thermal fuse is probably the defrost termination switch. It should be closed when cold and open when warm. The best way to check it is to check it in place before you defrost the coils. It should have continuity when cold (check with an ohm meter). if it does its ok. The defost element will always have continuity unless it is bad. The timer might have stopped. The easiest way to check it is to turn it to defrost and see if the element gets warm. The refrig has to be cold enough to activate the defrost term. switch for this to work. The timer should come out of defrost about 20 to 30 minutes later, if it doesn't its bad ( the motor in it has quit). Hope this helps. Doc E
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Hello: dub

Possible that model or brand appliance uses two seperate thermostats. Check with any local appliance part store for additional info specific to that brand and model.

Retail appliance parts dealers can also help determine what the possible problem may be. Bring the make, model and serial numbers.

Appliance part stores and dealers are listed in the phone book.

Check back on your question several more times. Other members posting replies in this forum topic may offer you additional advice, ideas, suggestions, test and or repair methods.

Use the reply button to add additional information or questions. Using this method moves the topic back up to the top of the list of current questions automatically.

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Replaced thermal fuse.....

Okay so I replaced the thermal fuse and am waiting to see if the defrost starts working again.... (I think it is actually a thermal fuse which is just a safty in case the heat reaches 78 + celcius it cuts the circuit. The old one was definetely bad so that would stop defrost.... I'm curious though if something else went and took the fuse with it.... On my fridge schematic for defrost it shows the following, "Defrost Integral timer - 10 hour compressor run time 21+- 3min". Does this mean the defrost cycle kicks in every ten hours?

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Replaced thermal fuse.....

Yes, the defrost will occur ever 10 hours that the compressor runs and last for about 21 minutes. then go back to refrigeration. Some really late model refrigs have a fuse. They also have a drainpan that is basicly tinfoil. Not very well made. Doc E

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