Kenomore Fridge ice maker not making ice

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Kenmore Fridge ice maker not making ice

Hey appreciate any advise offered. Before I randomly replace parts. I have Kenmore refridgerator freezer on bottom so is icemaker, its bout three years old. There is no water or ice dispensor on front just the bucket and ice maker inside but no ice.

Model 596.71009100
MFG NO P1321317WB

Ive checked it has water pressure on the water line from the wall to where it connects at what im guessing is a solenoid valve? Then tubes up to the filter thats in the fridge compartment then back down to where it enteres the ice makerer in the freezer. I suspect the water is not even reaching the filter as when I remove the filter its pretty much empty and no evidence of presure on the system. Thats why Im guessing the solenoid valve at the bottom is bad or some metering device at the ice maker is not sending the signal to the solienoid valve to send water. Im guessing thats how it works. (but hey i couldnt even figure out how to search the threads in appliance forums for ice maker. not sure whats up with that prolly. sorry)

My first step i guess is to access the solenoid valve and check for voltages and bench test it if needed or if i see no voltage at valve then check to see if i can find some metoring switch that control the solenoid valve. I suspect thats in the icemaker.

Pls any one have a good guess as whats the problem is?
OR methodes to tshoot the switch that tells the solenoid to send water or bench test the solenoid?

And How to get to the back of the ice maker where im guessing the water metering switch is?

The ice lever is down swings smoothly and nicely and seems to be ok. Not that i see it move on its own to check for ice. Any ideas on how to make it cycle to check for ice cubes? I dont think im to that point as it would have to have ice in the maker. Ive check and seems the ice tray it self is empty.

Thanks thanks thnks. Thanks alot. Mot
Ive unplugged it ill wait two hours give it a try just to see if something was frozen but im not fealing that that will help.

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Well plugged it back in still no water in ice makers "cube creation tray" lol. well tomorrow ill check the solenoid for power as I suggested. Thanks mot.

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Well no power at solenoid. Im guessing it should have voltage if it needes water. Im not sure but would suspect that it will always need water if the tray is empty. Or maybe its a timer that periodical rechecks for water. But now im investigating how to gain access / removal of the ice maker to check there for voltage.

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Ok Iv found that the connection are easibly accessable by removing the front facing side cover of the ice maker. Revealing the timer. Im guessing I should be able to check for movement. I have voltage across some of the test points. Not sure ill check in a bit for movement on the timer modual but suspect its bad. Mean while I will try to find troubleshooting info on the web about these test points labled (oh ive included the voltage across each testing from test point H)

V (valve?) 122v Prolly not as no power at valve
L (Loop heater?) 0v
T(timer?) 122v but 0v when ice sweep is up so im sure this controls the timer and cuts it off.
H (Hot wire?) used this as hot for above measurments

module is labeled

185W 115V 60HZ
IM #S 106 626640

Im my guessing at the test point lables as im ignorant to this subject but im suspecting the timer is locked up and not moving ill check its rotation prolly with a twist tie laying on top of the larger timer gear see if it drops the twist tie. Laymans tools lol i got duct tape to if needed. Pls a hint at what the test points are would be helpful .. so off to see if timer is moving and to google for ice maker test points V L T H
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Modual Ice Maker Diagnostic Sheet

Wow the first link googling for "ice maker" "test points".

Its titled Modual Ice Maker Diagnostic Sheet
Whirlpool / Kenmore/ Maytag / Frigidaire / Magic Chef / Admiral / Etc..
Modular Ice Maker Service Sheet


I would link to it but believe the posting helpful links are restricted due to this sites sponsors feelings will get hurt. But looks just like my module in the diagram. Ill check out what it has to say. Thanks hope this helps someone.
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ouch 57 bucks for ice maker module at fox appliance. Im too used to not having ice.

Well iv learned the test points

N =Neutral side of line
M =Motor connection
H =Heater connection
T= Thermostat connection
L = Ll side of line
V =Water valve connection

test voltage Between I and H to see if thermostat is open or closed
short T and H to spin motor after to or three seconds after click you can remove short as motor should spin on its own if not test if motor doest not spin then while short inplace

I shorted T and H and got zelch nada but had good voltage at T and h. Ive priced a replacement for 57 bucks seems abit high as Homedepot has a 50 dollar Universal Icemaker. Would like to stay with original equipment for ease of future parts replacement but the risk of something else being wrong, like the heater or something due to being stuck on or some other issue, I have no choice at that price but to get the Universal if i cant source a cheaper part. I was hoping like twenty bucks plus shipping for the module.

Could someone price the part and suggest an alternative source??

the fridge is
Model 596.71009100
MFG NO P1321317WB
S/N 10091437AA

the Ice makers Module Assembly
105w 115v 60 HZ
IM #S 106 626640
01/15/02 W2

The replacement Fox Appliance suggested was a
Whirlpool 628366 for 64 bucks and a generic FMMK1 for 57 dollars

I just dont want to pay alot for this muffler. Thanks again for every ones help.


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Ok so being bored and accepting that manual ice trays are cheaper and knowing that I need a costly I/M motor timer that I have not yet decided to pay fore hopeing I can get it much cheaper. I just try to keep the funds for more fun stuff if possible. fine IM CHEAP!!

But anyway.. I was bored so I bench tested the motor it ohmed out showing no open or shorts it ohmed out 8k ohms I think but not sure. so i took one of my hacked extention cords and connect directly to the motors terminals. And bingo it doesnt run. Duh I knew this already.

So I take the motor of the I/M Module assembly and pryed the gear box open. I take the gears out and get to bent flanges that affix the motor to the gear box and then find that the motor spins freely. I pry the motor housing apart and remove the aperature thinking maybe I can see some sort of short of the winding. Its was pretty much sealed sealed in semi seal palstic so no luck. Just for grins (I hate that expresson too) I put just the motor back together. Bench test it without the gear box. Its works. Doesnt seem like much torque but hey thats the purpose of the gear box. Then I attach it back to the gear box. Luckly I took pics of the gears in place prior to dissasembly with my trusty 300D (now you know why Im trying to save money). There was some excess gear grease in the housing so I regreased the gears. Well the gear box Is now working on the bench.

Ok to make a long story longer.. I put the module assembly back together and bench test it for about a good ten turns and its working fine for now.

So now its back on the Ice Maker and cycled once on its own but the Water supply line and filter was empty so its got no water yet. So ill jumper test points T and H to get the water to the Tray. Should work. Hope so.

I suspect that the gears got into a bind and dissasembly was the remedy. I'm also suspecting that this is not the end of the problem and most likely will fail while the switch is has the water solenoid in fill position. But I plan on turning of the ice maker and possibly water too when un attended. Till I gain confidence in its reliability or till i locate a part. Any way ive got good insurance hehe. Could use some updated carpets and furniture. Gosh I hope not. lol

PLEASE Can Yall help me source a good part for a good price. I thank you and my furniture and carpet you if you can help. Ill report back soon about the Ice Cubes. When they come. fingers crossed. Party to night my house FROZEN MARGARITAS.

Thanks Mot
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You sure do type alot

I know how important it is to save money. You might check on ebay, I have seen whole icemaker kits go for less than $50 and they are new. Doc E
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things to follow:

use a water filter in the supply line to enhance the taste and quality of your ice cubes.
Change the filter for atleast once in 6 months.

Don't use a plastic water supply line unless it is mentioned for use with drinking water.

I searched ICM10S model for you because, my neighbours also using this particular one,and they have a satisfaction with this product.
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Thanks for all the info here, daughters fridge ice maker not working, used test pionts and heater is open.... so a new ice maker it is....

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