Self cleaning HotPoint oven problem

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Self cleaning HotPoint oven problem

Preliminary info. HotPoint elec range Model # RB755GOT1WH

Oven was on at 250 degrees for 8 hrs. Some juices were spilled onto the element with the oven still on. Turned off the bake to wipe up spill (not a large amount).

Tried to start bake cycle again and the "Auto Self Clean" light started flashing and would not allow baking. No codes were displayed. Disconnected power, checked element (22 ohms), checked sensor probe (19 ohms). When power was reapplied I had the original startup code, set the clock and still had the same problem.

I ran the self cleaning cycle for the minimun 3 hrs time. Now every thing seemed fine. Started to bake but after 10-15 mins it reverted back to the "Auto Self Clean" light flashing and quit baking.

I've had problems with this oven on two different occasions, seems like it's always when were having a family gathering needing and using it a lot. Once I replaced the curcuit board and once the element. I remember a code being displayed when the board went out.

Is there anywhere to get a trouble shooting guide or a schematic for this. Any ideals of what else to check.

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General Electric the maker of your Hotpoint stove has a toll free phone number thats answered 24 hours a day 365 days a year. They may be able to provide you with the information you need. I have done a pretty extensive search and can not find any troubleshooting guides online. Perhaps one of out appliance PROs will chime in with more help.
1-800-626-2000 G E Answer center.
Good luck and post back
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I think I've got it tracked down to an itermitint in the door latch area. It looks like there might be a spring type temp sensor in the latch mechanism but I can't see any electricaly connections. I'll keep playing around with the limit and the latch. The limit switch seems OK but it still may be the culprit. I'm going to check for a thermal breakdown in the limit switch.

I will report any findings if I can maintain my sanitiy.
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The spring type sensor is just a mechanical stop so you can't open the door latch after it's hot. Learn some thing new now if I just find a cure for CRS.

The people at the phone line are are worth about as much as one cc of earthworm waste. All they want you to do is disconnect the power for about 30 mins to reset and cool. When I tried to explain that it was cool enough for me to have removed and checked the internal components I was told that they couldn't help if I didn't follow thier directions. Next step was to call a repairman.
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OK, I bypassed the door latch limit switch and it seems to work. I'll just have to replace the switch before I can use the self cleaning function or jump across it. Now to go to the parts suppliers.

Would have been a lot easier to track down if they had put a schematic somewhere on the unit.
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There is usally a tech sheet/schematic in the appliance. Look in the controls areas and inside the back.
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I looked in the control area and under a cover on the back that hides the wires running up to the controls. I didn't find one. I got led off the beaten path by a post somewhere about an over temp sensor and started looking for one.

I just lucked out with the switch because it checked out fine when it was out of the circuit. Every time I put the cover back on it caused a problem. I guess the cover put the switch in its own oven.

Any way thanks for the advice BigJohn.

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