Squish Pillow Broke in Washer!


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Question Squish Pillow Broke in Washer!

I know, I shouldn't have put it in the washer. But I did, it broke, and now, even after multiple washes and vacuuming out the washer after every load, there are still many, many white micro polystyrene beads in the tub and on the clothes.

The tub is clean when I start a load, so these beads are stuck somewhere and leaching into the wash during a load.

Is there any hope?

Thanks so much, I'm so glad to be here!
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Beans up its nose

Hi, this is my first post, just registered mere minutes ago.
Happy Birthday to me. I got here after 45 minutes of searching. I am not known for my homemaking skill or common sense. QUITE the opposite. My forehead comes pre-flattened. The good news is it's often funny, and I am not married to a Cuban orchestra leader.
So...your mission if you choose to accept it: I did almost exactly what cepstein did, only what I stuck in my washing machine were a bunch of my 3 dogs' disgusting toys. And one of those toys was a beanie baby type (even though I have a strict No Beanie Policy - not sure how one snuck in) -and one of the dogs had chewed a hole in it - and so now I too have a washing machine full of "many, many white micro polystyrene beads." (wish I'd searched on that)

What I've tried is filling up the tub part way, giving the beads ample time to undock, and using a mesh straining basket to scoop up the floaters. Then I used paper towels to wipe out any remains. This worked well except it turns out the beads are EXACTLY the same size as the holes in the tub. So in my "wiping" ferver, I inadvertently pushed the remaining beads more snugly into all those little holes.

The machine still did everything it was supposed to do, drained and all that, but I'm guessing it isn't good for it to have beans up its nose.

Equipment I have at my disposal includes a shop vac, a regular household type vac, masking tape, a straw, and lots of spunky determination. But I'm willing to shop.

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Well, I don't know about your flat forehead, but you sure are funny!

This was soooo long ago, I have no idea what I did. I don't even have that machine any more! I think it all just worked itself out and I donated it to a Katrina family.

I vote for the shop vac. It's my favorite tool. Avoid the straw.
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In case anyone still cares

I just did the same thing, washed a squish pillow and it ripped open in the washer. First thing is to air dry and shake out whatever is in the load with the pillow. I don't have a clothesline so I just popped it in the dryer and now regret it. I filled up the washing machine (top loading) with a rinse cycle and let it agitate, then used a shop vac to suck all the beads off the surface (the polystyrene floats) I then let the cycle run again, (to agitate more beads out) and repeated until there were very few. Also, You will want to lap some water up above waterline to get out any beads that got stuck above the waterline... beads were coming out of the top my machine when I caught it... so I had alot of extra cleaning to do. Finally, add some deterget ( a splash will do) before it drains.... for reasons I don't understand, that seems to help carry the beads out. It took me 3 fill and drains to figure that one out... if you don't the last little bits of beads will never leave.
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