Strange smell from washing machine


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Strange smell from washing machine

Hi folks,

I've got a question. Every now and again I get a smell in my laundry room that smells like rotten meat. It usually happens after washing clothes and the time can vary. Today I went to wash some bathroom floor mats and put the machine on hot/cold. The smell started again about the same time the machine went into the spin cycle. At first I thought it was my p traps drying out and letting gases back in but now, since washing today I'm not so sure I think it may be the machine. The machine is an 29 year old maytag and I don't want to replace it since it does probably the best job of wahsing clothes of any machine I have used. Any help or ideas about this problem would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance
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put 2 cups of bleach in and fill with hot water and run 10 mins and shut off and let sit about 30 mins... then restart it and let it run thru the rest of cycle.. thenput it on a second rinse..... \\\\the sented bleech smells better///// this shld clean out the tub and drain hoses.......

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