GE Dryer does not run


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Unhappy GE Dryer does not run


We have a GE dryer that is approx 7 years old (we bought the house in 2000, washer & dryer were 'about a year old' at the time).

I wish I had more information at this moment but I do not. My wife called saying the 'dryer doesn’t work' and I have been able to glean the following:

This dryer has a spring action start dial, not a button. Turn dial to 'start', and release. When the dial is turned to start, a hum emanates from what appears to be the body of the machine (rather than from the switch area). When the switch is released, the hum stops. The drum is able to be turned manually, but as you turn it the resistance increases. If you stop turning, and again attempt to turn, the process repeats (it does not seem to keep the resistance but again builds it up). The dryer was full with wet clothes at the time. This is a sudden failure; yesterday it worked fine with no symptoms that I am aware of.

I will try to be more specific later when I get to look at it.

Does this sound like a dead motor?


EDIT: Well, I'm home and have had a chance to look at it. With my wife holding the door switch in, I tried the on switch and it worked! Obviously when the door switch was released it stopped. Shut the door and tried the starter again, and it worked, again.

So is this a weak motor, as opposed to a dead one?

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You say it "worked" when you closed the door, so take the credit for "fixing" it! Has it repeated the humming after you returned home?
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No. The 'hum' turns out to be the usual noise it has always made when it engages the motor, it really didn't sound any different to me. The only difference was the tumbler didn't start. The analogy would be if your car doesn't start but the starter sounds normal...the motor just doesn't fire.

It ended up drying the clothes properly, and after unloading we again tried to start it, and it worked fine. It's never presented a problem before...

Very strange!
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Sometimes you just have to chalk things up to gremlins. You can always do some technical mumbo jumbo to the wife and pat yourself on the back for fixing the dryer.
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Gremlins works for me, as long as they stay away!

If nothing else, they led me to this site, which looks to be a great resource...

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Question general electric dryer does not start

general electric heavy duty automatic dryer
permanent press with cool down
Dryer does not start. I havenít used it in 2 weeks, I unplugged it & plugged it back in. I turn off the trip switch on the electrical panel & turned it back on. I remove all the lint each time I use the dryer. The door is securely closed & I turn it on the way I usually do but the dryer will not start. I am not sure how old it is when I moved here it was already installed it's over 7years old. Should I buy a new dryer or do you have suggestions on what I can check/fix before I buy a new one? Thank you in advance for your time/help on this I read through this website there is alot of info. I appreciate it :-)

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