venting out the side of a dryer

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venting out the side of a dryer

Hey everyone

I recently came into a problem with venting it out the back of my dryer, and mine has the option to vent out the side, the manual that i have doesn't discuss this, it just says you can. Has anyone ever done this before and would be able to provide some instructions for this? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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This is something I have never heard of. If you can vent out the side, there must be an opening for the vent duct to attach to. You would also need to block the other (back) vent opening. Good luck and watch this post for the expert opinions and answersw.
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Standard ducting comes with the 4 inch discharge all the way to the back. Obviously you have to eliminate that piece or cut it shorter or get another piece of 4 inch duct and cut it shorter so that the length of it comes out right, so that when a 90 degree elbow is put OVER it, facing your side knockout hole, it is in perfect alignment. Remember that starting at in the dryer back by the blower, the 4 inch duct will go INTO the elbow you add, and then the short piece that you need to add coming out of the elbow has to go on the outside of the elbow. (The crimp side of the elbow will be facing your side knockout hole.) Then you need another piece of duct to make it out the side by a couple of inches. I have worked on dryers like this, already.

It would be adviseable that if you can see how to disconnect the 1st discharge duct that comes out from the blower assembly, (you'll need to remove the dryer's back panel) to remove it entirely so that you can cut off the non-crimped end of the duct, at the blower end. You want to retain a crimp pattern on the end of the discharge duct that faces the rear of the dryer so that your new elbow can go over it. Otherwise, without the crimp, the pipe and elbow size may be identical and one could not fit inside the other one.

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I think I did one and it had flex in side, punched out the patch on the side and moved the venting to the side hole. Think it was a Kenmore.
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Talking Want to side vent GE dryer

I wanted to jump in here since I am doing the same thing. I have a GE gas dryer mod # RD752294A I want to side vent. How the heck do you get the back panel off to get to the vent to put the elbow in? I already took most of the screws off the back. Is there one easiest way?

Also some paint came off the inside tub (inside dryer), someone put a rag in there with something that ate the paint away. What paint can I use?

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side vent

On some dryers the front comes off for access to side vent. Others have a panel on the front 12" or so on the bottom that needs to be removed to gain access. As DaVeBoy says some dryers have rear access. Be sure and tape all the joints inside the dryer. Most manufacturers offer a side vent kit that includes vent pipe and a 4" cover to go over the rear hole.You can accomplish the same thing by simply buying the 4" RIGID vent pipe at your local hardware store and by saving the knock-out from the side and putting it on the back. You probably will have to duct tape it to the back 4" hole. Be careful when knocking out the side cover-you can dent the side panel of the dryer and you want to save the cover to put over the hole in the back that is created by venting out the side. Also where the vent pipe comes out the side try putting a couple of turns of duct tape around the vent pipe to prevent the pipe from rubbing and rattling against the side panel.
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I got the back open enough to look in, but the gas line is on the side I needed to vent and I would have to do my own cut out above where the original one is located. That is even if I could get it to work - there is other stuff in the way so I do not think I will even try. The other side would have worked! I guess I will look for a different dryer that vents out the side I need.


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