Light Blue Particles in Water???

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Light Blue Particles in Water???

I have some weird particles in my water. It shows up in my faucets when the pressure slows down and I can tell something is blocking the flow. When I remove the screen, there are some different size chunks, light blue or teal in color, about 1/8” or 3/16” square but irregular shaped not exactly square and usually flat most of the time being about 1/32” thick but sometimes they get to be about 1/16” thick. The house was built in 1997. I have the original Rheem electric hot water heater that was installed in 1997 and a Culligan water softener that I had installed in 2001. I just started having this problem around 2002 with really small particles showing up in the faucet but now they are pretty big. Of course the Culligan Man checked my water and says his unit is working perfectly but yet he doesn’t know what the particles are or where they are coming from. I took some samples of this crap to my water company and they don’t know what the particles are and will not check it for me. Does this sound familiar to anybody? Anybody have a clue as to what these particles could be? I can only assume it’s something to do with the hot water heater as it seems when I turn on a faucet and roll the handle back and forth from hot to cold… the flow will hesitate a little when switched to hot like some of the particles were dislodged and stopped at the screen. This doesn’t happen all the time, I just luck out sometimes. I have a pic but not sure how to post it, e-mail me requesting the pic and I’ll send it to you.
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You can take water to the Health Department to have it tested.

Copper corrosion in pipes can cause blue in water. Corrosion can be caused by electrical system grounded to water pipes. It can also be caused by dezincification of poor-quality bronze alloys found in valves, water pumps, and water pump parts. It can also be due to deterioration of "dip tube" of the water heater. These particles can clog up faucet aerators & decrease flow of hot water. You can try melting particles to confirm that they are plastic. If they melt, due to age of water heater, you might want to consider upgrading.
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Did you figure it out?

Hi KugelOne,

I have the same issue. I'm wondering if you ever figured out the cause of the blue particulate. I would love some advice!

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Welcome to the forums! The last time the original poster was on the forum was 7 years ago, so unless they get a notification of this post, I doubt you will get a response. It is always best to start your own thread detailing all the criteria so the pros can help with the problem.
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I'm pretty sure the original poster's problem was a deteriorating dip tube, the plastic tube internal to the water heater that takes the incoming cold water to the bottom of the tank. There was a period of time, right when the OP posted, that manufacturer's were using an inferior plastic for the dip tube and they would crumble in a manner that left bits of plastic suspended in the water and clogging the screens of the aerators.

If YOUR water heater is of a similar age that is the most likely cause. If your water heater is over ten years of age it is best to simply replace it.
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Light blue particles in water, but only in one faucet

I have a similar blue flecks in the water from one bathroom faucet when I run the cold water. I don't see them in other sinks. The house is 16 years old, but I have a 5 year old water heater and 16 year old culling GSM water softener system that we have never touched.
What else could this be? What should I go or who should I contact?

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