Kenmore Elite He3 dryer door handle..


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Kenmore Elite He3 dryer door handle..

Does anyone know which screws to pull put to get to the back side of the front of the door? I need to replace the handle on my dryer but don't really wanna break any seals or pull off more than I need to. I have the blow-up diagram from sears (model # 110.84836200) but it's not real helpful.Thanks a ton.
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got it!

In case there is anyone w/ the same question, the answer is... just remove all the phillips screws (leave the torques) and the plastic housing falls off. Warning though... remember where each screw goes because some are different.. just pay attention which ones go where.. Thanks
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one minor addition to instructions

Two of the phillips screws actually need to switch sides with the door handle. They have a thicker shaft than the others. They go in the side opposite the hinge. You will know this when you try to screw them in after you put the hinge over there.
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I just replaced the door handle on my HE3 dryer.

There are ten Phillips screws on the inside of the dryer door. To get at the screws holding the door handle in place, you have to remove the face plate on the door front. To do this, only six of the ten Phillips screws need to be removed. There is no need to remove any of the Torex screws.

Remove the two Phillips screws at the top and the two Phillips screws at the bottom. You are now left with six Phillips screws - three on each side. Now remove the middle Phillips screw on each side of the door. The front face plate on the door can now be removed to get access to the screws holding the door handle in place.

Remove the two screws holding the broken handle in place and remove the broken handle. Screw the new handle in place. Now reverse the procedure above to reattach the face plate. Since the six screws that were removed are all identical, you need not worry about which screw goes where.

1: Of the remaining four Phillips screws that you need not remove, two attached the door hinge to the door and the other two just fill a hole. The two "filled holes" is where the door hinge would be attached should you wish to reverse the direction of the door swing.
2: The replacement door handle is the same part regardless of the door swing direction.

I hope this helps all.
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just take off the 6 Phillips plastic screws(dont remove the phillips sheet metal screws) and door frame will come off so you can get to the 2 screws that hold the handle on
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Great post and thanks to all. I followed the directions and removed all the phillips screws and installed new handle. It took less than 10 minutes.
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Post #4 by Don_JNB perfectly explained exactly what I needed to do to replace the handle on our Kenmore HE3t dryer. Thanks!
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Excellent Instruction

Using post #4 was able to complete replacement in 5 minutes. Awesome. My wife thinks I am a master mechanic.

She doesn't know about my new friends!

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No problem.....we'll keep it between us

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