Can't open up Maytag dryer to clean lint - help!


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Can't open up Maytag dryer to clean lint - help!

I have a 2 year old Maytag model HYE3658AYW. I have always religiously cleaned the lint on my dryers every 6 months, including the duct all the way out to the outside, and taking the dryer apart and vacuuming it out. But this thing has stymied me from the beginning - I cannot figure out to get that sucker apart! No screws that I can find that allow it to open up. I know there HAS to be a way. I can peek through holes in the housing and see the lint accumulation inside and it is scaring the !$#@# out of me.

Any tips on how I would get it apart ?

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Maytag dryer

Should be 2 screws way on the bottom front to remove. Tilt bottom front toward you to remove entire front panel. Couple more screws to remove to take plastic lint filter & blower housing off to clean. Dave
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How to open up a Maytag model HYE3658AYW.

Thanks so much for the tip. Seems obvious now, just wasn't approaching it from the correct angle. Actually, there weren't any screws at the bottom, but in the location you indicated there were two tabs that I stuck a screwdriver under and popped off and the bottom of the front panel came loose. Then I noticed the top of the dryer also popped up (by wedging a screwdriver in the seam between the top of the front panel and the top of the dryer), swinging up and back to rest against the wall behind the dryer. Then there were two screws accessible from the inside, connecting the main housing the front panel. Then to completely remove the front panel from the dryer I had to disconnect the door switch wiring harness.

And from there the lint flew! The worst accumulation was not in the bottom of the dryer housing as suspected, but in the tube in the front panel - it was disgusting and a bit scary (keeping mind the inside of the dryer had not been cleaned in its 2 year history). Took it out in the yard and went after it with a leaf blower. Ahhh! That felt good.

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Thanks for the help!

I lifted the top of the dryer and found 2 screws that connected the front door of the dryer. Once the screws were removed and electrical was disconnected the door came off without any problems! The lint trap was so full that I know without cleaning it surely would have caught fire. Thanks again for your help
PS I have a Maytag pye/g2300
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ScottHW dead on

I was replacing the lint filter on my Maytag and it wouldn't quite fit. I found the cause to be a huge build-up of lint. It killed me that I couldn't get to it. I knew a manual wouldn't tell you anything, so a internet search found a forum entry.
I found an excellent write-up from ScottHW and easily took the front off. It too had clips, not screws. Kudos Scott!!
I was amazed at the lint bunched in the fan assembly. You would think the manufacturers would build easy access into the design of the appliance.
I took pictures to help the next person in need, but see there's no way to post.
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Originally Posted by rgfabian View Post
You would think the manufacturers would build easy access into the design of the appliance.
I think the design engineers used to work for the car companies.
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Thank You!

This came up first on my search for how to get the lint out of my Maytag dryer, and at first I thought that taking the entire front off was a little extreme. I did it anyway after finding no other way to get out the lint I could see, and I'm glad I did. I had no idea the machine was so inefficient at filtering out the stuff - there was enough stuff stuck in the front and around the bottom of the machine, I'm surprised we didn't have a fire. I am really hoping the stupid machine dies so I can get rid of one more Maytag appliance, but I'd prefer it didn't destroy the house when it does!
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Smile cleaning maytag dryer vent

Thanks ScottHW, after reading your post In was able to pop up top of dryer,no screws, just popped up,with a screw driver,two screws from back side at top of front panel and lifted front off.Cleaned that puppy out and good as new Thanks again

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