removing odor residue from dryer


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removing odor residue from dryer

Hi. I just moved in to a new house My roomates love garlic, and I can't stand the smell. Unfortunately, it seems to permeate everything, and I recently did a load of laundry, only to discover that my clothing now has the perma-garlic smell attached. I had this issue with smokers, too...the smells seem to get transferred in the dryer. Does anyone know how to neutralize odors from the dryer, short of masking them?
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Try spraying the drum with freebreze and run it
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If kitchen stove has a vent over it, it should be run during cooking and at least 20 minutes afterwards to exhaust odors and humidity. Vents exhausted to the outside are far more effective than recirculating vents which simply recirculate air and odors.

Boiling vinegar in a pot on the stove will help eliminate odors after cooking. An enzyme digester deodorizer is also effective for controlling organic odors.

Dryer is taking in air from the interior and is exhausting it to the exterior. Interior odors will permeate clothing. Wiping interior of dryer drum with rubbing alcohol applied to rag may be helpful. Lint screen should be periodically cleaned with warm soapy water and soft brush. Fabric softeners and dryer sheets provide only temporary relief of odors. Add a cup of white vinegar to rinse cycle to deodorize, soften, and resolve lint problems. Vinegar is more economical than fabric softeners.

Wash clothing in hot enough water as recommended for fabrics. An enzyme laundry detergent such as powdered Biz or liquid Wisk would also be helpful in removing odors from laundry during wash cycle.

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