Kenmore Washer 44252


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Kenmore Washer 44252

I'm trying to troubleshoot my Kenmore front load washer (Model# 44252), which I've had for a little over a year. I was recently washing a load, when it suddenly started making a buzzing noise (washer stopped and the buzzing sound seems to be coming from the drain pump or motor). The load that was in the washer was about medium size. The buzzing isnít like a buzzer sound that the clothes are finished, as my machine actually makes a beeping noise to signal loads are finished. I'm not sure what part of the cycle it was at when it stopped, but there was still water and some suds in the drum when I heard the noise. I cancelled the cycle and put it into drain/spin mode as suggested in the troubleshooting section of the manual, but it didn't make a difference and would buzz for a little bit, then stop, then repeat until I cancel the cycle. When I try to restart it after unplugging, it does the same thing. This cycle keeps going until I cancel it. I unplugged it and let it sit for a while since I read that if the motor overheats, it will stop and may need up to 30min to cool down. After waiting for about 1hr, I tried again, and it did the same thing, pause, buzz for about 1min, then stop, then do the same thing again. Is my motor burned out? Is something wrong with the drain pump? Any ideas on the problem?
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OK, so I found out the error code, which is "E23, Drain Pump Relay On Control Board Failed". It says the fix is to "Replace Control Board", which is P/N 134484021 at $142 thru Sears. Do you think this will fix it, or does anybody have any other suggestions of what may also be causing my problem. I'm willing to replace it myself, just need to get my hands on a manual to remove the panel and maybe some assurance from one of you guys that I'm going down the right path, since that would suck if that part doesn't fix it....
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First you ned to access the pump and check it for a blockage... that is the most common problem.. you will need to remove the lower panel and you will see the pump..
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Ok, so I removed the tub-to-pump drain hose and found nothing clogged. Also looked in the inlet of the drain pump, seems to be fine. Also disconnected the internal drain hose from the pump, and everything seems to be fine. Any other suggestions?

Also, back to the error code, as stated before, it's a E23 "Drain Pump Relay On Control Board Failed" and solution to "Replace Control Board". After looking at the parts list more carefully, there's seems to be 2 control boards, a "Motor Control Board" and a "Printed Circuit Control Board". Anybody know which one the error is talking about?

Thanks for any suggestions!
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Had same problem.Checked all hoses for blockage,wasn't problem. I manipulated rubber boot/hose from washer drum to pump intake,felt something hard with metalic sound.Seemed to free it up and ran drain /spin cycle.Heard metalic sound enter drain line outside washer.Have washed 3 loads since with no problem.I'm not sure how obstuction got in ,just hope it wasn't part of pump.Working fine now.
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The control board is behind the control panel not tne motor control. forgot exactly where it is in machine ut usually got at from top

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