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Question hot seals

My seals for the fridge and freezer are hot. The surface they close to is also hot.
What to do?
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You can check seals by placing a piece of clean paper on seal and close refrigerator/freezer doors. If you give the paper a tug and it's held firmly in place, your seals are good and you are not leaking cold air. If leaking cold air, door needs adjusting or seal needs to be replaced. Clean your refrigeratorís coils (back) and air intake grill (below the doors) every 3 months. Built up dust on condenser cause motor to work harder and use more electricity. Keeping condenser dust free allows waste heat to escape faster and fridge runs short cycles. If you have pets in the house, pet hair often collects on condenser and clogs air intake. Check to see if you have a power-saving switch or a summer-winter switch. Many refrigerators have a small heater inside the walls to prevent condensation on the fridge walls. If you have such a switch, switch to power-saving winter mode.
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Not knowing what model fridge you have makes it a little more difficult to see what is going on. If your fridge has a condenser fan in the back of the fridge behind the grill, check to make sure it is running. Also, like twelvepole said, make sure your condenser is clear.

Older refrigerators use heat strips under the surface of the door opening to prevent moisture fridge, newer fridges use the refrigerant lines running in that area to "warm" the area to prevent moisture. Some things that can cause that area to get "hot" is: condenser blocked with dust, condenser fan not running, accidentally leaving the fridge or freezer door open for a long period of time.

Hope this helps...

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