1yr old Whirlpool Gold Fridge not Defrosting


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1yr old Whirlpool Gold Fridge not Defrosting

I've read a ton tonight, both on this forum and others, but can't seem to find enough specific information to help resolve this problem. Although I can guess what it is.

I must start by saying that we've been pretty disappointed with our new appliances. Just over 1 yr old, and all but the micro and dishwasher have had service. This will be the third issue with the fridge. All are Whirlpool Gold units.

Anyway, the other day my wife complained that the stuff in the freezer was like a rock. You couldn't even scoop ice cream. I lowered it a notch (electronic controls) from 4 to 3. No change. Then tonight I noticed frost on the back of the freezer and on the coils. I don't think it's defrosting. The drain pan is bone dry, and the heater element was warm (assuming I was checking the right thing - the lower tubes on the bottom of the compressor??)

I'm told this 1 yr old fridge, Whirlpool model GB2SHDXPS01, doesn't have a defrost timer or a way to set it to manually defrost, even by a tech. It's computer controlled based on door opens, etc.

I pulled the lower back cover off, where the compressor is, and again, the heating element is warm, the fan was spinning (never stopped at all tonight while I've been paying attention) and the drip pan completely dry. I pulled the short drain tube, that clips over the hose coming down from the freezer, and it was clear.

I'm amazed that after a year, and of course 1 month out of warranty, it's broke, again. I did have a service call for another issue a few weeks ago (gurgling sound) but he couldn't reproduce it, so he couldn't fix it. Maybe he knocked something loose.

Anyway, parts diagrams are here if it helps

Is there any one with specific knowledge of these newer Whirlpool/Maytag units that can help with this? I know a service call will easily run $150-200 with parts.

Thanks so much for any help.
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I'm not sure of your model, never worked on one myself, but..... if i'm reading your post correctly its not the heating element you are finding warm. Sounds like maybe the condenser coils? The element will be very near the evaporator coils and the evaporator fan that blows air into the freezer section. One thing you could check is the element with an ohm meter once you find it and isolate it. Its worth a shot.

Hope that helps
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