F9 error code on GE Profile Oven


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Unhappy F9 error code on GE Profile Oven

During a self clean cycle, I received the F9 error code and the clean cycle stopped. Any ideas?
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You don't have a users manual that might tell you what the code numbers are?

Since it is not working, i'm thinking it's not heating. And if that is the case you could have blown a circuit breaker or fuse, or the element burned up or a wire burned, or you set it to some specified time and the clock shut off and needs to be reset?
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F9 is a problem with the oven door lock circuit. If the door is locked, it's probably a bad switch that tells the oven it's locked. If the door isn't locked, it's probably a problem with the lock mechanism.

A common problem on many built-in GE ovens (you don't say if yours is built-in or free standing...) is air circulation in the control panel. The fan that keeps the panel cool either stops working or gets clogged with dirt/dust and can't move any air. This causes the panel to overheat and can cause all kinds of odd problems and error codes. If you have a built-in, check to make sure the fan is working and the mesh screen behind it is clean.

Doug M.
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Sorry for the lack of detail.
The oven is a builtin wall oven with microwave above it.
The model number is JT965B04BB.
This is what happens:
I turn on the oven to clean.
It starts the cycle and locks the door.
About 3 hours into the 4 hour cycle, I get the F9 error code and then the oven shuts down. After it cools, the door lock releases.
Do you think I have a clogged vent above the door and the controller is getting too hot?Thanks.
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It's a good possibility that the fan is not circulating enough air and the control area is getting too hot. Can you hear the fan running after the oven has been on for a few minutes? If so, can you feel air blowing out above the door? The vent that usually gets clogged is in the back of the control panel. The oven has to be pulled out of the cabinet to gain access. Once out, look for a screen on the back of the control panel enclosure. The screen can be vacuumed or taken off and washed.

Doug M.
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GE JTP52 Profile Oven has similar door locking problems

Hi Dougm - as usual, it's the holidays and my family is going crazy trying to predict the behavior or our GE Profile Oven. It's the same deal.. the console get's pretty hot and it starts flashing the "Locked" signal on the screen. We try to hold down the 9+0 to unlock it without luck. The door is also shut and cannot be opened. You can hear some fan whirring as well as the door mechanism trying to do something.

Our only hope is to cut the entire circuit and let it cool down. How can we keep the console cooler? I don't see a vent in the back of the oven (it's in-cabinet). What else could it be?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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