Washing machine electrical burning smell


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Washing machine electrical burning smell

I have had my washing machine since December 2006. In Feb 2007 I had this odor of an electrical burn or electrical motor burning up. We figured out it was the washing machine. It was the first time I used the delicate cycle and that is when this happened.

We went to the store where we purchased it and return it for the same model/brand since it had such good ratings with CR. First one was just a fluke.

Then in June 2007 - don't remember what setting I was on - but the same smell and I thought oh no. We called manufacture - and they sent someone within the week and replaced the entire motor.

At this point, I thought it must have been defective in this model (the motor) and now they are fixing the problem with all of them - maybe a recall we did not know about etc.

It was a free repair and although nervous about an electrical fire - we had no return at that point, we only had a free repair. Since it is six months old then and so we did it.

I washed on all cycles. I used delicate over and over to test it after the new motor was put in. Tonight I put one item in the washer on lowest water level, cold only, and delicate and the electrical motor started burning. I pulled my husband away from the playoffs and he just unplugged it and turned it off.

I am still covered under the free warranty of repair until Feb 24. They just sent me a service plan application for an annual fee of $54.07 per year.

I wrote the company. I have never in my life had this kind of problem with a washing machine. Two washing machine within one year, same model, same brand - makes me know it is the machine. Nothing changed here -

What should I do now? I mean beyond just getting the free fix before Feb 24th?

Could someone tell me what is a great washing machine without problems? I am thinking of purchasing a used washing machine that was made a few years back - and they last forever.

Please let me know what you would do?

I am so frustrated. I will name the brand and model if that is allowed here.

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Burning smell

I'm curious. What is the Brand? Top or front load? Never ran into that problem with a new washer. I'd give one more service call a try but have him check a few other things beside throwing another motor on & leaving. Voltage at recepticle, voltage at motor, watch motor while running for excessive drag from transmission. You should be able to hear if motor is getting bogged down from something out of the ordinary.
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Thank you for the advice. The washing machine is a Whirlpool Top loader Utimate Care II. Model number is

We are going to call the guy to come out again. It has a normal cycle, Casual Cycle, Delicate Cycle, and Handwash Cycle. It burns up on the Delicate Cycle every time it broke, yet not every time I used the Delicate cycle.

Yesterday I had one silk blouse size 12 only in the washer.

My free warranty is up on February 24, 2008. If it breaks after this time again, then what is my recourse?

I guess the only recourse I have now is for them to come out and fix it again. I feel like the model number is a big lemon.
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Unhappy Motor burn out on LSW9750PW3


We just had the same issue with our Whirlpool washing machine (model LSW9750PW3) yesterday. We've had the unit for just over a year, and it's now out of warranty - what luck. It worked fine until my wife did our first load on the "delicate cycle." It filled with water, then silence and that distinct burning electrical smell.

Did your repairman ever figure out what the problem was? I know I can replace the motor (P/N 8528157), but my guess is that it will just burn out again when we use the delicate cycle. Is it some issue with the gearcase on delicate cycle or an electrical problem on that setting? Did Whirlpool identify what the defect was?

Thanks for any help/guidance you can provide.
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The washing machine was still under warranty and the repairman replaced the motor again. Now it has been repaired twice and replaced with the same model once. The extended warranty came in the mail. We purchased a one year extended warranty at the repairman's suggestion. After three repairs the warranty will give us 75% of the cost back. Which will happen.

Repair man said the delicate cycle was harder on the motor then any other cycle. The motor is required to work differently for this cycle (can't remember). We purchased the extended warranty that starts 2/25/08, and we will start using the delicate cycle again - it will happen again.

They quit making this model. There is something they aren't telling us - What did you originally pay? Just curious. We paid about $459 for it.

The Whirlpool service number is 800-239-5980

Tell them you know this has happened to other customers and see if they will work with you.

By the way, I have NEVER purchased an extended warranty on any product in my life. I had my first free year warranty covering all the other services. I purchased it this month for only one year because I know if I put it on delicate it will happen again.

At this time I do not use the delicate cycle. That is how it keeps working.

Last resort if Whirlpool will not deal with it. Replace the motor and it will keep the washer going. Just do not use the delicate cycle anymore.
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Reading my post again - when repairman came out we did have him check everything recommended above by the poster's answer -

Asked the repairman How can we stop this happening again? He said buy the extended warranty. I paid $49.00 for one year and did not purchase the three year.

Extremely disappointed in the product, and the fact they have to know a new motor only puts a bandaid on the problem.
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Red face

Thanks Skarney, we'll call Whirlpool on Monday - wish us luck. We paid $525 at Lowes, you did better than us. I thought we we're getting a good product because of the Consumers Report rating.

We'll see if Whirlpool makes this right or gives us the run-around. I will mention that we're not the first to experience this defect. May end up changing the motor, then avoiding the delicate cycle. Guess we'll use the sink. Thanks again.
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Whirlpool may be nice about it. I bought it also because of the Consumer Reports. I was trying to be so careful. I know many companies were having a large recall of washers. I was avoiding those and ended up with this one. I can't understand why Whirlpool did not recall this model? Maybe people really don't use delicate cycle often and it is cheaper for them to do business with the few that do.

It makes me want a used washer that was made to last 20 years instead of a new one that breaks every year.
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Same brand, same situation

I also have a Whirlpool Quiet Comfort II top loader. I think I've had mine about 3 or 4 years now though, so I am way out of warranty. Anyway, last night I did a load of shirts on delicate (I'm pretty sure we've used that cycle before, not often though) and I got the same burning smell that you all reported. It took me a few minutes to isolate where the smell was coming from and by the time I pin pointed the washer the load was almost done. I let it go and have another load going now (on regular wash) and it seems ot be working fine.

Just curious, did you all have the motor replaced/repaired before using it again, or did it take awhile to completely burn out? I'm inclined to let this go and just avoid the delicate cycle rather than spend a lot to get it fixed.

This seems like a common issue. Any news on a recall?
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I assume this is a direct drive washer. If so, if you can get an amprobe, measure the washer current during spin. If well over 10 amps with an empty load, you either have power problems in the home, or dragging brake shoe.
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Wrilpool has had a problem with the timers. Last one I replaced customer said had burning smell.
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Same brand same problem

I have had my Whirlpool Top loader Utimate Care II for 4 years now. I know I must have used the delicate cycle before now! For some reason today I got the burning smell. How frustrating! I can't really afford to buy a new one, but I am going to call Whirlpool and see what they can do for me considering this is not an isolated incident.
I'm going to finish the load on regular and see what happens

I'm so called I stumbled onto this forum! Thanks
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well I decided to sell my Whirlpool washer after having this problem. The service people did come out and fix it everytime, and I bought the extended warranty an extra year just for that reason. The guy said the belt is actually slowing the washer down for delicate cycle - so burning smell or burned up motor occurs.

So last time it was fixed, I listed on a major free site and was able to get $250 for it. It was three years old at that time. My dryer was the old 15 year old dryer and I was able to sell it for $75.

We bought an LG front loader with the works and matching dryer. They each have steam cycles and save a ton of water usage - the LG washer regenerates the energy. So the turning of the washer actually will turn on the machine with it unplugged - try it at your local store - I was impressed. Had them both for a good eight months now - - both were on sale and I am saving energy and saving water. I am not a big LG fan at all - so for me to say I am impressed is definitely something.

Also I did not pay extra for pedestals - which I thought were a rip off - instead I use the top surface of each for folding my clothes - they are also stackable which I did not know - but did not put them that way.

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