KitchenAid KAWE460WWH3 washing machine


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KitchenAid KAWE460WWH3 washing machine


Sorry for the long post, but I'm trying to be thorough. I was given a direct-drive KitchenAid washing machine:

Model #: KAWE460WWH3
Stock #: AW460W
Serial #: CC4711544

I can't seem to find any information about this machine anywhere, so I assume it's older than God! I live in a smaller rural area, where no one sells or sold these.

That said, it has what seems to be the most aggressive agitation I've ever seen, so it cleans wonderfully. However, I usually have to allow it to go through two spin cycles after both washing and rinsing, or the spin doesn't get up to the fastest speed in order to wring the clothes out sufficiently.

Question #1: Any ideas why?

Next, I've used a screwdriver to override the lid switch so I could watch operation during the drain/spin cycles, and one thing different from every other washing machine I've had in the last 30 years, is that no water runs into the spin cycle after the initial wash cycle. However, it seems to have a very short rinse cycle, and upon spinning out the rinse water, it runs a small amount of water for a very short period of time twice, spaced a couple minutes apart. So,

Question #2: Is this "normal" for this brand/model?

Question #3: Were there any unusual or costly problems inherrent with this brand/model that resulted in them vanishing?

Question #4: Any idea where I can get information on this model; year of manufacture, and useful operator's or service information?

Thank you for your help and patience!
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The water running twice during the spin cycle is found on all models (roper/whilpool/kitchen aid/ kenmore) directdrive models. this is due to the neutral drain the unit should go through. Neutral draining is where the transmission has a cog set to reset while it is in agit. When the motor starts spinning to drain (spin) the clothes out. The transmission should stay in neutral and just drain the water out. After a given time the timer stops the motor and when it re energizes the motor it kicks the tranmission into gear allowing it to spin. the spray (the 2 times water injected) is to help clear out the dirty water still in the clothes.

your problem sounds to be either a 1) water left behind? like standing water in the bottom, maybe an inch or so?
2) the unit is not getting up to spin speed. this can be due to outof balance or bad coupler or bad brake release , balance ring lost water, loose outer tub nut,come to mind. as you can see this can be many problems , being able to diagnose the problem takes practic4e. It would probally be worth your while to consult a local appliance tech.
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Wow--sounds like you know your stuff!

1) No, none left in the bottom.
2) It definitely is not getting up to speed with one spin only. It is very, very close but not perfectly level. I'll try that first. I knew I should have done that before posting here, but I was hoping to find a source for more info regarding age, etc., anyhow. Doesn't sound or act like anything is loose, slipping, or dragging, but balance ring?? Got me there...?? I'll disassemble the cabinet and look for a loose tub nut.

The top doesn't just pry up and off like my other previous machines, huh? I'll figure it out later. Like i said, neither dealer within a reasonable distance works on K-Aid washers, but the price was right!

Thanks again!
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Blazer Jim, as Ace mentioned, Kitchen Aid washing machines are built by Whirlpool and are basically identical with some cosmetic changes. I doubt if it is all THAT old, as the Whirlpool direct drive system came into being around 1997 or so. So are there NO service techs nearby that can service Whirlpool-built appliances?
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Oh--I missed that. I thought he was speaking generically, regarding the direct drive system. Well then, guess this thing is nothig special afterall, huh??

I always thought that in general, KitchenAid stuff was built better than most others, and didn't realize it is all part of the same group.

In my past lives and homes, I had Westinghouse (not White Westinghouse--that thing weighed a ton and never screwed up ever) Kelvinator, Frigidaire, and Speed Queen, which had a stainless drum. Eighteen years ago, while modernizing our kitchen, we replaced our (then) 12 year old Kelvinator fridge with a new Frigidaire, "because it probably wouldn't go much longer without an expensive breakdown," although it had never required a service call. It's been running in the garage ever since, and still hasn't required a service call, despite turning 30 years old next week!!

I have been told recently to stay away from Frig, GE, and anything else made by White-Westinghouse because it is junk. They said stick with Maytag. Any truth to that, or dealers blowing smoke??

Thanks again for the info.

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