Kenmore Refrigerator - over heated coil in freezer?


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Kenmore Refrigerator - over heated coil in freezer?

I have a 4 year old Kenmore fridge and noticed a noise coming from the freezer today that sounded like water dripping on something extremely hot and making a sizzling/hissing - like 'ssssss'. When I opened the freezer, I could see in through the vents on the back panel and I could see what looked like a coil to me that was red hot and was making the panel hot. I took everything out of the freezer to see what it was going to do and eventually it stopped and the coil was no longer red hot. This fridge has the ice maker in the freezer, but it isn't hooked up.

Does anyone think they know what this could be and if it is something that I can repair or do I need a technician?
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I think I go w/ the Tech guy on this one............
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This is normal operation. The coil you are seeing is called a "defrost heater" About every 8 hours (depending on the fridge) it goes into defrost mode to defrost the evaporator. The defrost heater does get red hot and this is normal.
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Just to add to gdoug's post, many defrost heaters are glass tubes with a coil element inside which is why you see it glowing.

If the freezer does not warm up to the point that frozen food begins to melt everything is ok.
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Thank you - greatly appreciated.

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