Dishwasher and mice don't mix...


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Unhappy Dishwasher and mice don't mix...

Okay, unusual title, but the real help I need is where to find instructions on how to replace a door gasket on a Whirlpool Gu1108xtlb1 model dishwasher, I was able to order the part online (should be here in the next two days) but I don't really see how the old one is removed and replaced.

So those that want the story...
Woke up Saturday morning to a scratching noise in my dishwasher, and as I opened it I found a lot of black pieces on the bottom of it, wondering what the heck it was, upon pulling out the bottom rack, I notice something move... you guessed it a mouse. Well needless to say the simple answer was to close the door and run a cycle. What I didn't realize until the cycle was over (and the mouse dead) was that the little bugger must have somehow got caught in there the night before and managed to chew 3/4 of the door gasket up trying to escape!

As always, thanks in advance for all the help!
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Can't help you with the door gasket on the dishwasher, but there are parts and owner's manuals on line. Many manufacturers have websites with info and technical and customer service contact info available.

Pull the DW out and inspect for access holes and seal. Many pests enter through where wires and pipes enter the home on inside and out. Seal around pipes under sinks.

Inspect foundation and other areas of exterior, including where pipes and wires enter, and seal. A mouse can enter a hole or gap the size of a dime.

Mice often nest and infest insulation in appliances. The insulation should be replaced because it is contaminated with urine and feces which harbor disease. Mice will also chew wires and cause house fires.

While DIY is awesome, you might want to call a repair person to assure personal and household safety. Take no chances.

Exclusion is the best mouse control. Once there is an infestation, trapping is recommended. Poisons and baits are not recommended because mice can die in inconspicuous places and then you have to deal with the odor problem until completely decomposed.

If mouse infestation is severe, call an exterminator. Most will do an inspection of the structure and identify and seal entries.

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