Dishwasher Grounding and Outlet Info


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Dishwasher Grounding and Outlet Info

Hello! I just bought a new portable dishwasher, and upon reading the instructions, realized that I have a problem since most of my older home (1951) is not grounded. The only outlet close enough to my sink has an open ground. There is a grounded outlet on the other side of the kitchen, but I would have to use an extension cord. The instructions say that it must be plugged in to a grounded outlet, and that you can't use an extension cord. What I've read indicates that ignoring these instructions could cause a shock IF the dishwasher malfunctions. I plan to call an electrician Monday to ground my other kitchen outlet...would it be OK if I used a heavy duty extension cord to use the grounded outlet for the dishwasher for a few days until I can get that done? If you're thinking 'what's the rush?', it's that I'm sick of doing dishes! Am I taking a big risk? Or it is no big deal to use an extension cord for a few days? THANKS!!
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I can't see what be wrong with using a grounded 14 gauge extension cord. It must be that gauge or larger. That gauge would replicate house wiring.

If in doubt, bring our thread up on the electrical forum here.

[They say no extension cord, likely for various reasons, like people running over the cord, or people using light-duty lamp extension cords.]

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