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Error code

I have a Whirlpool electric range model RF315PXE. I'm getting an error code every few minutes along with a beeping sound. The display reads F2EO. Thanks for your help.
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F2-E0 - Shorted Keypad

1. Disconnect power from oven for longer than 30 seconds.
2. Reapply power and observe for longer than 5 minutes.
3. If failure remains, disconnect power, replace control, then go back to step 2.

This is right from the tech sheets that come on the range. Most likely it will need a new control board.
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Hello: ru4bama

All Error codes:

Whirlpool-Kitchen Aid-Roper Appliances: Oven Fault Codes:

>>Exception Note:<<

List below does not apply to Whirlpool Models using the "Y" line in the products model numbers. Applies to models using 4 digit displays only.

F0-E0 Analog to Digital failure
Disconnect panel for 30 seconds
Should the above error re-appears, replacement of the control is required.

F1-E1 Defective ERC Replace ERC
F2-E0 Shorted Keypad. Replace Keypad.
F3-E0 Sensor or Sensor Fuse Open Replace Sensor or Fuse
F3-E1 Shorted wire or Sensor locate short and correct it or replace Sensor
F3-E2 Oven over heat Replace Sensor
F3-E3 Cleaning Temp over heat Replace Sensor
F5-E0 Door Error Check Door
F5-E1 Door Latch Check Latch
F5-E2 Door Switch Check Switch

Below applies only to the two digit display models for the brands above.
F0 Defective ERC Replace ERC
F1 Defective ERC Replace ERC
F2 Oven over heat Replace defective Sensor
F3 Oven Sensor Open Check/Replace Sensor
F4 Shorted wire or Sensor locate short and correct it or replace Sensor
F5 Defective ERC Replace ERC
F6 Problem with time keeping circuit Reset Time or cooking operation and check for proper ground.
F7 Shorted or sticking button Clean button or replace ERC
F8 Defective ERC Replace ERC
F9 Door Latch Error Check latch and latch circuit
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I believe the keypad and the control (ERC) are one part on this range and not replaced separately.
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Control Board Cost

About how much $$$ is new control board? I have a similar problem after thunderstorm 2 nights ago. Turned off breaker for an hour and still get error codes and nothing works except the clock.

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